Free Pattern: Crocheted Bag by Kathy Merrick

Note from Marcy: We love the new book Crocheted Gifts by Kim Werker. We love it even more when we get to hear the story behind a project. Kathy Merrick joins us today to tell us about the Swirling Bag, one of four projects she designed for the book. Even better, you can just click over to the Knitting Daily TV site for a free download. And on Episode 311, Stripes of Knitting Daily TV, Kathy talks with Kim Werker about the Swirling Bag. You see, Knitting Daily TV is about all things fiber, not just knitting. (In fact, we could have called it Fiber Daily—except that sounds like something you'd have for breakfast with berries on top.) Now, here is the lovely and talented Kathy Merrick:

I am intrigued by the possibilities of crocheting simple pieces and then, with the addition of some sewing, transforming them by shaping them into something quite different. The Swirling Bag is a result of that ongoing experiment.

Swirl BagThe idea began when I worked for Liza Prior Lucy’s fabric/quilting business, Glorious Color. Liza has this little patchwork bag that she keeps small sewing tools in. “Wouldn’t this make a cute crocheted thing?” she’d say. “Yeah, right," I'd reply. "Too fiddly." On I’d go, making a blanket or a pair of colorwork mittens or an aran-style pullover. Not fiddly at all.
But then I realized I could make a crocheted bag with a little sewing in a much less fiddly way than the patchwork bag needed, because you can work the main pieces directly on to each other. This leaves only the sewing up of four short seams to make the shaping work.
Liza loves saying, “I told you so.”

The two important parts of making this bag look good and function well are to choose a tightly spun yarn like Rowan Glace and to pick four colors of equal brightness so that no one leaps out at your eyes. Four greyed pastels would work, as would cobalt blue, turquoise, grass green, and chartreuse, or cream, natural, and two greys. Contrast is okay, as long as all four colors you choose are equally strong.

This is a quick, straightforward project, but one that will have your recipient thinking you very clever.

Watch Kim and me fooling around with the Swirling Bag on Knitting Daily TV Spacer ? 10x10 pixels

You can watch Kim and me fooling around with the Swirling Bag on Knitting Daily TV.
(And look for more interesting and colorful projects in my upcoming book,
Crochet In Color, to be released by Interweave Press in October.)

Thanks for reading!

Kathy Merrick

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