Free Mandala Pattern: Clouds in My Coffee

Well, good morning!

I don’t know about you, but the “spring forward” blahs have STILL got me down. Are you extra bleary-eyed and slothful when your morning alarm goes off? Do you want to crawl back under the covers and stay there for another hour . . . or three? Perhaps to help join the ranks of the living, you could fix yourself a strong coffee with milk and start dreaming about some mandala crochet! Modern Crochet Mandalas offers more than 50 eye-popping, colorful motifs to get your hook (and day) moving.

What if you could get a taste of mandala-making in one convenient single shot? With just 2 colors in your palette, this taste keeps things relatively simple.

Welcome to Clouds in My Coffee, a FREE downloadable mandala pattern!

Clouds in My Coffee is the perfect quick fix to accompany that other quick fix, your morning java. These two colors (brown for the coffee, ecru for the cream) alternate and interact in lovely, impressionistic billows.

Novice crocheters, you got this! Really! Nothing included here is more difficult than a double crochet. The included Stitch Guide shows you how to take the basic double crochet stitch and make it into the “double crochet clusters” that you see. And first-timers who’ve never before made a picot will be able to learn and perfect this essential crochet stitch as well.

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to embrace all the possibilities of color, feel free to substitute with the brightest, most vivid yarn from your stash. Have fun with it!

Take a few minutes for yourself, put Carly Simon on the hi-fi (or the YouTube), pass the half-and-half, and ease into the day with some sweet stitching!

I’ve got some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee . . .

—Erica Smith
Content Editor, Books

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