Free Hats for Spring

Spring has warmed the air considerably, but here in Colorado there is still a cool nip in the air. I have resolutely placed my down coat in the back of the closet, but a jacket doesn't seem to always be quite enough. That's where hats come in. We all know that you lose much of your heat from your head, so adding an adorable or funky crocheted hat to a jacket is just the trick.

I decided to explore again the patterns you, the members, loaded to Crochet Me. I love your patterns! Some are funky and show a sense of humor; others are beautiful at the same time they are practical. Let's look at just a few of my favorites. The rest you can find in the Free Crochet Me Patterns.

Crochet-Deb's designed her Two Toned Beaked Hat to keep the snow off of her glasses. I know just how she feels. I prefer my glasses but sometimes wear contacts just to prevent this annoyance. Plus I really love the little brim!

Sedi's Funky Hat would add the ideal flair to a fun jacket. And I love the fact that she used recycled yarn for her original hat. This hat has been quite popular with other Crochet Me members as well.

The ribbed faux-fair isle-style and multicolored braids of Chloe's Flappy hat immediately caught my attention. In fact, Chloe suggests creating just the hat brim and using it as an ear-warmer/headband. She has also kindly sized this hat, and I love her sizes—wee noggin, normal noggin, and big noggin.

And finally I couldn't resist sharing this delightful creation with you. I still giggle every time I see those big blue eyes staring at me. Designer Regina is correct when she states this Gollum Hat will be a conversation starter. Any true Lord of the Rings fans out there? Do you have the words "my precious" running through your head yet?

There are so many more great hats on Crochet Me to make, so explore the Free Crochet Me Patterns. And don't forget to download Eight Free Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Hats with Crochet Me.

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