Free Demonstrative Bear Amigurumi Pattern


This bear will dance in to the hearts of all that
experience his sheer delight to be lovingly
crocheted into existence.

This pattern has crocheted in limbs to make a very quick work up and easy finish. Sew in ends, embroider a nose, attach ears and Walla… your done.

It is important to remember to make the arms
and then legs… the rest of the pieces can be
done at any time 😀

Materials List


  •  Worsted weight yarn in your preferred color
  • Size E /3.5mm Crochet hook
  •  Embroidery Needle and Floss color of your choice
  •  18mm Black Safety eyes
  •  Poly-fil

Finished Size

Finished dimensions approx 8.5 by 6.5 inches



The goal in crocheting amigurumi is a tight stitch with no space Geeked


Easy Projects using yarn or thread with basic stitches, repetitive stitch
patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.

ch2 6sc in ch- space (6sc)

The Pattern

make 2
starter ring
1 (2sc)x6 12st
2 *[2sc, (2sc)]x4 16st
3-7 sc 5 rnds
8 *[6sc, invdec]x2 14st
9-11 sc 3 rnds
Only stuff tips of hands
12 *[5sc, invdec]x2 12st
13-17 sc 5 rounds
18 fold arm in 1/2 5sc through both sides
Finish and end with short tail.
Make 2
starter ring
1 (2sc)x6 12st
2 (2sc)x6 24st
3-7 sc 3 rnds
8 *[4sc, invdec]x4 20st
9-11 sc 3 rounds
12 *[3sc, invdec]x4 16st
Stuff feet, Make sure feet are stuffed firmly but only from this point down.
13-16 sc 4 rnds
17 *[2sc, invdec]x4 12st
18-22 sc 5 rnds
23 fold leg in 1/2 6sc through both sides
Finish and end with short tail. First leg ONLY
DO NOT finish Second leg you will work directly into (Joining legs and Continuing body)
JOINING LEGS AND CONTINUING BODY Make sure legs both face the same way.
1 ch 2, 6sc in front loops of first leg, make/pickup1sc, turn, 6sc in back loops of first leg,
Work 2sc in ch, 6sc in back loops of second leg, make/pickup1sc, turn, 6sc in front loops of
second leg, Work 2sc in ch 30st
2 *[(2sc) 3sc]x7, 2sc to finish rnd 37st
3 *[(2sc) 2sc]x12, 1sc to finish rnd 49st
4-8 sc 5 rnds
9 *[8sc, invdec]x4, 9sc to finish rnd 45st
10 TO ATTACH ARMS 8sc {sc through arm and body for 6 st, you will have to pickup one
st on the arm} 17sc attach 2nd arm same as first 8sc
11-15 sc 5 rnds
16 *[4sc, invdec]x7, 3sc to finish rnd 38st
17 sc 1 rnd
Insert eyes at this time. I place mine by counting up 2 rows and in 3 stitches from the front of
the arm
18 *[4sc, invdec]x6, 2sc to finish rnd 32st
19 *[3sc, invdec]x6, 2sc to finish rnd 26st
Stuff Body firmly at this time
invdec till closed.
Make 2
starter ring DO NOT turn
1 (2sc)x6 12st

Finish and end with Long tail.

embroider nose detail, sew in ends and sew your ears on where desired
The yarn used for this pattern was Vanna’s Choice Honey one Skein

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