5 Free Crochet Vest Patterns

You'll love these 5 FREE crochet vest patterns.Click on the Download Now button or link below and warm up with these FREE crochet vest patterns! With the change in the weather, I am looking forward to being able to pull out my, admittedly large, collection of vests, so I figured, vests would be a great subject for our next free eBook: 5 Free Crochet Vest Patterns: Vests for Men and Women!


I was once told that the best way to take your style to the next level was with layers—think tank tops, jackets, and vests. I love crochet vests! They are a stylish way to elevate your wardrobe and you can wear them any time of the year.

Layers are a fantastic way to add class and character to your spring, summer, fall, and winter wardrobe. Though not all layers are alike, some add a lot of bulk or won’t work when it’s a bit warmer. That’s why vests just about the ideal layering option, they can be used nearly year round and can be customized for exactly the warmth or style you need.

In this free download we’re giving you five of our favorite vest patterns, perfect to help inspire your next crochet project. Venture into a new technique with a Tunisian crochet vest or explore fabric with plenty of elasticity with a men’s ribbed vest. These vests can be worn with silk blouses or cotton tank tops and are perfect for cool or warm weather. This collection of patterns for men and women is sure to make a great addition to your library and your closet. Hurry and get your five exclusive free patterns to get started today.

Crochet Vest Patterns You’ll Find Inside:

Katharine Vest

You'll love this easy crochet vest in our collection of 5 FREE crochet vest patterns.
By Dora Ohrenstein
This Tunisian crochet vest alternates bands of Tunisian knit stitch and Tunisian simple stitch to create a subtly textured fabric. The self-striping yarn creates effortless colorwork. And easy waist shaping makes this a great design for advanced Tunisian crocheters and beginners wanting to learn how to crochet a vest.

Moraine Vest

Learn how to crochet this reversible crocheted vest in our FREE eBook on 5 crochet vest patterns.
by Jill Hanratty
This cabled vest is completely reversible and can be worn several ways. Button the sides together or fold the edges back and fasten them to allow the vest to be worn open. Front post double crochet stitches and chains create a modern and elegantly textured fabric. What we love most about this design is it can easily be modified to make it longer.

Schoolmarm Vest

Make this charming crocheted vest found in our FREE eBook on 5 FREE crochet vest patterns.
By Kelley Courtney
This charming crocheted vest was inspired by vintage waistcoats. The fit of this feminine vest is snug and perfect to pair with a high-waisted skirt or throw on over a jeans and tank top or tee. The vest is worked in one piece in a simple shell stitch with easy seams at the shoulders and an eye-catching wide single crochet band.

Orlando Vest

Make this long crochet vest found in our eBook on 5 FREE crochet vest patterns.
By Annette Petavy
This easy crochet vest pattern boasts a unique silhouette with a long body and a playful skirt. Worked top-down, the vest is crocheted separately to the armhole before being joined and worked in one piece. Basic crochet stitches showcase the simple beauty of crochet and make this long crochet vest perfect for beginning crocheters.

October Vest

Make this crochet vest for men found in our eBook on 5 FREE crochet vest patterns.
By Tracy St. John
This ribbed crochet vest is worked in one piece from the bottom up. The perfect men’s vest, this piece is worked in a lanolin-rich natural wool that is warm and naturally water repellent. The front-loop only and back-loop stitches create a ribbed fabric with clean lines, perfect for the guy who really doesn’t like a lot of fuss.

To celebrate the possibilities for vests we gathered five incredible free crochet vest patterns for you. Start by creating a Tunisian vest or whip up a charming vintage cropped vest. Next move on to a beautiful reversible design and then to a flirty, long crochet vest. Or for the guys crochet a warm vest that the men in your life will actually love (and wear). We have crochet vests for every season and every occasion. The only question is which one will you crochet first?

Download 5 Free Crochet Vest Patterns: Vests for Men and Women and start a new crochet vest today!



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