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Merry Christmas in July! We may still be half a year away from that gift-giving time of year, but all crafters know that the holidays tend to sneak up on us—especially if you plan on making gifts for your loved ones. If you want to update your crafty gifting game, take advantage of our Christmas in July sale and get Robyn Chachula’s Post Stitches in Lace Video Course FOR FREE.

Yes, I said a free crochet class. Robyn Chachula is a great crochet designer, but she’s an even better teacher. She’s known for her books Blueprint Crochet, Unexpected Afghans, and so many more. Long before I started working at Interweave, I took Robyn’s post stitches class at Yarn Fest, and I’m looking forward to taking this free course to refresh myself on all the nifty tips and tricks I learned when I took the class in real life. The best thing about video courses is that they are always there to go back to.

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In the course, Robyn explains how crochet lace can stretch out over time. (How many times have you made a lacy garment that loses its shape?) Her brilliant solution is to add post stitches to lace patterns. They not only add structure to the patterning to keep it from stretching, but they also add an intriguing visual element. (Leave it to the crochet engineer to figure this trick out!) Your crochet lace will be far more dimensional with this simple addition.

This course comes with a downloadable PDF with stitch charts for your reference. Print these out to have on hand before the class begins. Also, have yarn and a hook handy so you can practice the stitch patterns Robyn walks through. Robyn breaks this course down into several helpful sections. She begins by explaining what post stitches are, as well as the difference between front post stitches and back post stitches. She then explains how each of these stitches is worked and what they look like in a stitch diagram. She also demonstrates her clever trick for spotting strategic places to change to post stitches in lace patterns. Keep following along, and Robyn will direct you toward some free patterns to practice this technique.

This is a great class for any Interweave Crochet reader with an interest in making the cover project from our Summer 2017 issue. The Botanical Summer Vest designed by Aiqi Huang uses post stitches and a lacy pattern to create its intricate texture. Learn a new skill this summer, and be ready to make beautiful post-stitch projects for your loved ones. You have 6 months or so to perfect your new skill!

Merry Christmas in July to you!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet



Fine Print: Free course is only valid on the Crochet Post Stitches in Lace course.
Offer expires July 23, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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