15 Free Crochet Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Patterns

Free crochet Christmas ornament patterns you'll love.It’s time to put up the tree, string up the lights, and decorate—and don’t forget the eggnog and hot chocolate! Make sure your tree and home reflect your love of crochet this year with these free patterns for crochet Christmas ornaments.

From classic balls and delicate snowflakes to crochet Christmas tree ornaments with unique constructions and crochet stockings for gifting and filling, these 15 FREE crochet Christmas ornaments and holiday patterns will have the perfect project for you.

15 free crochet Christmas ornaments and holiday patterns.

And their ability to show of your love of and skill with a crochet hook is only one of the reasons why crocheting Christmas ornaments should be on your list this year.

You can use our free and easy crochet Christmas ornaments patterns to surprise your friends and family with one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted gifts or to create your own crochet-themed Christmas tree. Crochet Christmas tree ornaments that celebrate your special holiday style with all the most iconic symbols of the season—Santa Claus, stars, angels, trees, stockings and more! The best part is, all of our Christmas ornaments crochet patterns can be customized to your theme with your favorite yarn and finishes.

Looking for an extra-special gift for your favorite crochet-loving pal? You can knit one of these sweet ornaments and then surprise your recipient when you include these free crochet ornaments patterns to crochet. Any needle-lover will be delighted to crochet these wonderful Christmas baubles!

Keep reading for our top 10 reasons for making crochet Christmas ornaments and get access to all 15 Crochet Me member designs. You’ll learn how to crochet Christmas ornaments and patterns in no time!

10 Reasons to Crochet an Ornament or a Holiday Pattern This Year for Gifts (and for Yourself)

We can think of more than a few reasons why you might want to learn how to make Christmas ornaments and these other crochet holiday goodies…

  1. They are so cute; you can’t help but aww when you see them.
  2. They don’t take very long. You can squeeze them in among the holiday parties, baking, and movie watching.
  3. They make great last minute, hostess, and stocking stuffer gifts. You could have a few whipped up in a weekend.
  4. You can make an actual white elephant for a white elephant gift exchange (and be the talk of the party).
  5. You can find a pattern for anything you want, from mini stockings, to animals, to delicate motifs.
  6. They don’t take very much yarn, in fact you probably already have what you need in your stash.
  7. You can easily customize them. Does that person just love pink? How about adding a tiny pink hat or scarf? You can even mark the year with an embroidered date and initials.
  8. Everyone will be able to see how crafty you are; after all you should show off your amazing skills.
  9. There’s nothing better than pulling that tiny creation out year after year to put on the tree and remembering how special it is.
  10. Handmade gifts are always treasured.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Patterns:

Christmas Hat and Scarf for Mouse by Sharon Ojala

Christmas Hat and Scarf for Mouse crochet ornaments found in our FREE ebook on crochet Christmas ornaments and holiday patternsThanks to a well-known Christmas poem, mice are adorable decorating ideas. And don’t worry, these decorations aren’t stirring. The tiny hats and scarves on these crochet ornaments are darling, and you can create them in the perfect color to match your décor. This pattern combo is also great for customizing your other mini crochet creations (remember that pink hat idea). Fit for a tiny mouse, and just about anything else!Click here to visit the Christmas Hat and Scarf for Mouse pattern page.

Remember Me Christmas Bears by Sharon Ojala

Remember me Christmas bear ornament patterns.Amigurumi make fantastic and easy crochet Christmas ornaments and gifts. Try working these cute Christmas bears in light-weight thread or yarn, or work them in a soft yarn perfect for gifting and cuddling under the tree. This pattern page also includes the mini hat and scarf patterns to add to your bears or other tiny creatures. Click here to visit the Remember Me Christmas Bears pattern page.

Mini Crochet Christmas Stocking by Poochiebaby

Mini crochet christmas stocking patterns.At about 7 inches, these crocheted Christmas stockings are the perfect size for gifting. They make adorable package decorations and great crochet ornament patterns. Have fun embellishing them with flowers, embroidery, or snowflakes. We also love using this pattern for a unique way to give gift cards by hanging them on the tree. Festive and functional! Click here to visit the Mini Crochet Christmas Stocking pattern page.

Crocheted Christmas Baubles Pattern by Olivia Kent

Crocheted Christmas baubles pattern.These classic crochet Christmas ornaments will quickly become family favorites. Work the stripes in your favorite holiday colors and explore adding a touch of embroidery. The simple spherical shape make these free Christmas crochet ornaments fast and easy, perfect for new crocheters. Click here to visit the Crocheted Christmas Baubles Pattern page.

Christmas Tree Coffee Cozy by Tamara Kelly

Crocheted Christmas tree cozy.This Christmas tree cozy makes the perfect quick holiday gift. A star or present button at the base of the tree transforms a simple pine tree into a fabulous seasonal cozy, and unbuttoned, this piece would make a cute crochet ornament. Click here to visit the Christmas Tree Coffee Cozy pattern page.

Garland of Angels by Tiffany Warble

Garland of angels crochet pattern.What could be better than to grace your home with an angel or give them as gifts? This easy crochet garland is a great way to bring a little more of the joy of the season into your home. So get started! Bring an angel into your life—or make one for a friend! Click here to visit the Garland of Angels pattern page.

Simple Origami Christmas Baubles by Esther Chandler

Origami Christmas Baubles crochet pattern.These quick and easy crochet Christmas ornaments are perfect for a little stashbusting. Double crochet, slip stitch, and a few tiny seams create an origami ornament that will leave friends oohing and awing. We promise not to tell how easy they really are. Click here to visit the Simple Origami Christmas Baubles pattern page.

Elephant Jojo by Amilovesgurumi

Elephant Jojo crochet ornament pattern.What is the perfect gift to bring to your next White Elephant gift party? Why a crochet elephant of course! Accessorize this crochet elephant with a matching hat and scarf for more festive fun. Click here to visit the Elephant Jojo pattern page.

Stuffy The Christmas Penguin by The Stitchin’ Mommy

Stuffy the Christmas penguin crochet ornament pattern.This stuffed penguin would make a fun crochet Christmas ornament on your tree, or create a few to hand out as gifts for your coworkers, family, or as a great unique gift at the next holiday party you are invite to attend. Click here to visit the Stuffy the Christmas Penguin pattern page.

Crochet Christmas Trees Free Pattern by Jane Green

Crochet Christmas trees free pattern.These three adorable crochet Christmas trees are perfect for beginning crocheters. Whip up the pieces and then invite the kids to help you assemble them. These are a great family project and fun to decorate the house with. Click here to visit the Crochet Christmas Trees pattern page.

5 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns by Jane Green

Crochet snowflake patterns.Every crocheter needs a few good snowflake crochet ornament patterns. These five snowflakes are excellent examples—lacy, light, and unique. Create an entire string to use as a garland or hang individual snowflakes on your tree or on a special gift. Click here to visit the Crochet Snowflake Patterns’ page.

Star Crochet Christmas Ornament by Olivia Kent

Star crochet Christmas ornament pattern.This crochet star ornament is timeless. Inspired by the classic crochet granny square, the four colors and simple stitches make this an easy crochet ornament perfect for beginners or quick gifts. Variegate your row colors for a colorful assortment of ornaments with just this one free crochet ornament pattern. Click here to visit the Star Crochet Christmas Ornament pattern page.

Christmas Baby Pixie Hat by Maz Kwok

Christmas baby pixie hat pattern.Whether you are going caroling, shopping, or just headed out into the snow, a perfect Christmas hat is a must. This baby hat is easy, quick, and elegantly charming. The pompom at the tip is the perfect embellishment and very fashionable this winter. Click here to visit the Christmas Baby Pixie Hat pattern page.

Christmas Stocking by Esther Chandler

Christmas stocking crochet pattern.This festive crocheted Christmas stocking requires no seaming, and will look stunning on your mantle. It’s easy to adjust the pattern and make the stocking longer. Who doesn’t want more room for Santa to leave gifts Christmas morning? The colorful chevron stripes are great for stashbusting and make this Christmas stocking an eye-catching decoration. Click here to visit the Christmas Stocking pattern page.

Crochet Santa Claus Hat by Olivia Kent

Crochet Santa Claus hat pattern.Don’t forget your Santa hat! Keep your ears warm while caroling or searching for the perfect Christmas tree to hang your crochet ornaments on with this jolly chapeau. The little bell at the tip of the hat is the perfect finishing touch. Click here to visit the Crochet Santa Claus Hat pattern page.

With Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns plus Fun Holiday Designs, this Free Collection has Something for Everyone!

Learning how to make Christmas ornaments is easier than you think, thanks to this free pattern collection, 15 FREE crochet Christmas ornaments and holiday patterns. From members and staff, we’ve gathered 15 of our favorite holiday themed patterns to help you this holiday season. Decorate your tree with ornaments, or make a hat or stocking to really bring the holiday cheer. Check out all these great free crochet patterns!

Free crochet Christmas ornament patterns you'll love.