Free Amigurumi Crochet Terrarium

I have a hard time remembering to water my plants. When I do water them, I have horrible tendency to drown them. But I love the bright flowers and pop of green. What I need is a plant that I can’t drown or dehydrate. Dana Bincer came to my rescue with free crochet terrarium pattern.


Recently Interweave had a hanging garden party, creating small succulent gardens in gorgeous glass dishes rescued from various second-hand stores. Dana created fun and easy patterns for two crochet amigurumi succulents. Perfect! No water or sunlight required! She even designed a plant holder that can be used to display the free amigurumi garden.

I had to ask Dana a bit more about her crochet terrarium.

Dana Bincer's hanging crochet terrarium.

Dana Bincer’s hanging crochet terrarium.

Is this your first terrarium?

I have always loved cacti and terrariums, and have long admired the succulents crocheted by June Gilbank, but have never felt compelled to crochet a succulent garden until now.

Tell me the story behind why you decided to crochet your cactus plants and succulent plants?

A glass jar appeared on my desk one day with a note to check my email. I learned that we were going to have a terrarium day at work where we would learn how to make a terrarium. The organizer of the event suggested that a terrarium with a crochet cactus would be a great way to build enthusiasm for the event. Her simple little request was all I needed to get my crochet juices going.

Dana's two crochet succulents.

Dana’s two crochet succulents.

What is your favorite thing about your new crochet terrarium?

Can a person have 3 favorites? I think so. First, I love miniatures. There’s something fun about things that are small and delicate. Second, I love macramé. Growing up in the 70’s I was exposed to lots of it – my dad once created a 6 foot tall end table that suspended from the ceiling. Third, I love low/no maintenance things. I never have to worry about over or under watering these succulent plants and that makes me happy.

Do you have any experience with terrariums?

Though this is the first terrarium I’ve ever owned, it’s not my first experience with cacti. I’ve Xeriscaped my yard and added these prickly little beauties to my garden (my mother in AZ doesn’t share my love of cacti and removed most of them from her yard!). I lived near Saguaro National Park in AZ for a short stint and I always admired cactus whether in bloom or not. So I guess a terrarium was always destined to be part of my life.

Terrarium Base

Terrarium Base

What was your favorite thing about designing this terrarium?

Each element was fun to design, but the crochet plant hanger made my heart sing. I wanted to make something strand-y. Something that looked a bit like macramé but was 100% crochet. To accomplish that I selected a thin neutral soft linen yarn that would make the chain work look light and delicate. I smiled inside and out as I attached each length of chain to the crochet motif at the base of the plant hanger.

What advice would you share with someone crocheting their own terrarium?

I selected worsted weight yarn for my terrarium because it’s my current favorite yarn weight to work with. I used a smaller hook than normal on this project so that the stitches would be tight and so that the crochet cactus would be small enough to fit in the jar. But if you have a larger jar, you can use a larger hook with your worsted weight yarn. And if you have a smaller jar, than thinner yarn might be better for your cactus garden. All that to say, feel free to experiment with different yarn weights and hook sizes to create succulents in various sizes to fit the jar that you have.

Is there anything else you would like to add before we go?

For many of us at Interweave this was our first time making a terrarium. Thankfully, someone had the book Modern Terrarium Studio and we were able to see in pictures and words how to make a terrarium. Whether you use crochet cactus or live plants, the crochet plant holder will hang your terrarium in style.

Thank you Dana for these incredible free amigurumi crochet succulent patterns and for visiting with us! Make sure you are signed in and click the Download Now button below for Dana’s free Crochet Terrarium patterns.


Best wishes,
Toni Rexroat

Posted July 17, 2017. Updated July 14, 2017. Featured Image: Terrariums from Interweave’s Terrarium Day 2016 with Dana’s free amigurumi crochet terrarium in front. Photo by George Boe.

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