Four Tips for Travel Crochet

My summer is quickly filling with road trips to visit family and short vacations. You know what that means, lots of time in the car. But I don't mind, because traveling in the car translates to hours of uninterrupted crocheting time. It is the perfect time to whip up a few crochet gifts and accessories. Plus I get a certain satisfaction in "multitasking."

When you are choosing the perfect travel project, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. These are merely suggestions, so if you really want to take that crochet blanket in eight colors, I won't stop you. I've even done it myself on occasion.

Crochet Scarf  

1. Choose a project with an easily memorized stitch pattern.  Trying to balance your crochet pattern on your knees while crocheting in a moving car can require more concentration than the actual process of crocheting. So choose a project with a stitch pattern that you can quickly memorize then stash the pattern in your project bag and enjoy crocheting. The Honeycomb Scarf by Ligava Gritz is a perfect example, and is sure to be one of the most well-received homemade gifts for any gal pal on your list!

Honeycomb Scarf by Ligaya Gritz    
Easy Crochet Vest  

2. The same logic is true for projects with shaping. Choose a garment or accessory with minimal shaping that is easy to memorize and work. If you find balancing your pattern difficult, try keeping track of a stitch counter. Mine invariably ends up under a seat.

Seafoam Vest by Chloe Nightingale    
Crochet Slippers  

3. Choose a small project. Especially if you are flying or packed in a car with four or five others, choose a project that won't take up too much room or overflow your lap. You could easily whip up several pairs of slippers for gifting or to wear while you travel.

A Family of Slippers by Linda Permann    
Crochet Socks  

4. If you are really cramped for space, choose a project that uses only a single skein. Single skein projects make fabulous fast crochet gifts. Using only a single skein rules out colorwork projects, but if you have your heart set on a multicolor accessory, try a skein of variegated yarn.

Adirondack Socks by Patsy Harbor    

This summer, whether you are traveling by airplane, car, or boat or just taking time to sit and relax, download the perfect quick and easy crochet project and whip up a gift for a friend or yourself.

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