Foundation Single Crochet (Fsc)

Rapunzel Scarf crochet pattern is an example of using foundation single crochet stitches.

Rapunzel Scarf Crochet Pattern, an example of using the foundation single crochet (Fsc) stitch.

Foundation single crochet, also known as base chain single crochet, is a chainless foundation technique. This technique creates your stitch and chain at the same time. The benefit to this method is that it is often faster, and produces a foundation row that is sized similarly to a regular row. Because this method eliminates the chain altogether, it makes your foundation row and the rest of the rows and stitches in your project more evenly aligned. Another benefit of this technique is that it helps to maintain even tension from the very first stitch to the last. Here’s how to foundation single crochet:

Start with a slipknot on hook, chain 2 (Figure 1), insert hook in 2nd chain from hook, pull up loop, yarn over, draw through 1 loop (the “chain,” Figure 2), yarn over and draw through 2 loops (the single crochet), 1 sc with its own ch st (shaded) at the bottom (Figure 3), *insert hook under 2 loops of the “ch” st (shaded) of last st and pull up loop, yarn over and draw through 1 loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops, repeat from * for length of foundation (Figure 5).

Foundation single crochet (Fsc) - Figure 1Foundation single crochet (Fsc) - Figure 2Foundation single crochet (Fsc) - Figure 3Foundation single crochet (Fsc) - Figure 4Foundation single crochet (Fsc) - Figure 5

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