Foundation Crochet

Many crochet patterns begin something like, "Chain 29, single crochet in second chain from hook and in each chain across." When I gave my sister her first crochet lesson, we purposely ignored these first two lines of the pattern. Why? Because most crocheters dislike working that first row of stitches into the chain, and for a beginning crocheter, identifying and inserting your hook into each individual chain can be very frustrating. But you have to begin a project somehow, so I taught her the foundation single crochet instead.


When the first row or round of a pattern is comprised entirely of a basic stitch such as single crochet, double crochet, etc, foundation stitches has several advantages.

  • First, foundation stitches allow you to create both the beginning chain and the first row of stitches in row.
  • Because you are able to work these rows at the same time, you don't have to worry about getting to the end of the first single crochet row and discovering you accidently worked too few chains.
      Spring Shell by Simona Merchant-Dest

    Foundation stitches are also more elastic than chain stitches. This is especially important for bottom-up pullovers and sweaters, at necklines and the cuff of sleeves, at the waistline of skirts, and around necklines.

  • It is relatively simple to substitute a foundation row in many patterns such as the Spring Shell.

Doris Chan is one of foundation crochet's biggest fans. Many of her patterns, such as Lara's Dance Skirt, utilize foundation stitches. Now Doris is joining us to share not only detailed instructions on how to work foundation stitches, but also her knot-less slip knot. She will also share tips and guidelines for counting and measuring foundation stitches, how to work foundation stitches for flat projects and in the round, how to finish chainless foundations, and much more.

Lana's Dance Skirt by Doris Chan  

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P.S. Do you use foundation stitches? What is your favorite tip or trick?

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