Fools the Eye


Added pdf download link 2/17/2010 for your convenience.

VIP Assumption: I think this pattern is simple, but it does require knowledge of how to crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS).  I taught myself online- there are many great sites with written & video instructions to visit, if you choose to make this your first Tunisian Crochet project.

Materials List

Patons SWS (110yds/2.8 oz) 4 balls each of:
         Color A Natural Earth 
         Color B Natural Russet

         Color C Natural Coal

Size L (8mm) regular crochet hook

Size N (10mm) Denise interchangeable crochet hook with cable & end cap attached

Finished Size

Approx 36” x 56”.


You should do a swatch to decide what your beginning chain count should be to create a fabric of a desired width & length.   What matters most is the drapeability of the fabric you create. It should drape easily but it should not be so loose as to see spaces between the rows- we’re aiming for a solid, soft piece of drapeable fabric.


(1)   I use a smaller hook for the foundation chain because tunisian crochet creates a much denser fabric than regular crochet. I feel the beginning chain looks sloppy if you use the same size hook to also create your beginning foundation chain. Same thing goes for the final slip stitch row.

(2)   I let the beginning & end rows curl.  It’s not much of a curl & I like the look.

(3)   I’m picky about the sides having clean even edges- I did not create a border around the piece. There are ways to ensure clean even edges- which I can explore in a later post/pdf.

(4)   If you want to make a shoulder wrap instead, try a width of 20-24” & a length of 60-72”.  It will change the  look somewhat though, as the color sequence changes will be less frequent.  Start with a chain 72 instead for 24″ width.

(5)   If you’re an animal lover- one ball of each color will make a nice pet blanket of approx. 18” by 24”.  The color sequence will look a lot different though- but still very interesting.  Start with a chain 72 instead.

(6)   As I mentioned in (3) I crave neat edges- so when I need to add a new ball of yarn I do not do it at the edges. I tie a square knot to join the yarn & leave  short pieces to weave in on the reverse side.  FYI- The reverse side is just as pretty as the ‘public’ side!

The Pattern

(1)  Chain 108 with Color A

(2)  Forward row- continue with Color A (pickup yarn loops through the back bump of the chain- it creates a nicer looking bottom edge-  108 loops on hook)

(3)  Return row- drop Color A & add  Color B

(4)  Forward row- drop Color B & add Color C

(5)  Return row- drop Color C & pickup  Color A

(6)  Forward row- drop Color A & pickup Color B

(7)  Return row- drop Color B & pickup Color C

(8)  Forward row- drop Color C and pickup Color A


And so on……… contine until you reach your desired length. Mine ended up 56”.  If you wish, add another ball of each color & make the fabric wider &/or longer.

Final row- end on a forward row with the smaller hook & slip stitches.


You will notice that as you approach the end of either the forward or return row there will always be a strand of yarn that you have previously dropped awaiting you.  You simply drop one yarn & pick up the one that’s waiting there. has a tutorial with photos that shows more detail if you want further instruction.

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