Follow Friday: Crochet Artists to Watch

Crochet designer and craft guru, Vickie Howell, is watching the creative evolution of a handful of artists that use crochet as their medium. Take a look at their aesthetic, and follow the links to ensure that you are watching the progress in their work, right along with Vickie!

taylor hart

Taylor Hart • Nothing But a Pigeon

Location: Austin, Texas

Her crochet scene: I love to create fun, whimsical crochet critters that bring smiles to people’s faces.

Why watch: Taylor’s whimsical take on taxidermy brings an animal friendliness and hipster coolness to the crochet craft.

Latest project: her brand-new book Crochet Taxidermy (Potter Craft)

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Pat Ahern • Crochet Artist

Location: Los Angeles

His crochet scene: I enjoy freeform crochet because it lends itself well to improvisation. I crochet scenes, portraits, and sculptures since many effects can be achieved, as with paint, by using different yarns; different stitches have the effect of a variety of brushstrokes. Yarn is the ultimate inspiration because of its endless selection.

Why watch: His crocheted art will blow your mind and change the way you think about crochet!

Latest project: I am the resident artist at Gather DTLA, a yarn shop in downtown Los Angeles, where I am finishing an installation of life-size portraits and hundreds of flowers.

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Pip Lincolnes • Meet Me at Mike’s

Location: Australia

Her crochet scene: I love to use simple techniques and unexpected or cleverly placed color combinations to create cute, nostalgic projects.

Why watch: Her bright, vintage-kitsch crochet blog posts will make you swoon.

Latest project: A blanket for a friend’s baby. I’m using budgie- (budgerigar) inspired colors and calling it the Budgie Snuggler Blanket. I’m using harlequin stitch, which is my current favorite.

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Annelies Baes • Vicarno Crochet Designs

Location: Belgium

Her crochet scene: My crochet scene is mostly garments and shawls. Shawls are versatile and fun to design, and they make wonderful accessories. I also love designing top-down seamless cardigans with great fit.

Why watch: Annelies is a prolific designer who often incorporates a bit of lace into her projects. Her designs are bright, fun, and easy to wear.

Latest project: I am working on a triangular shawl made with geometrical motifs in a lovely hand-dyed red sock yarn and a duneflower blanket with flowers. (Check out Annelies’s Speakeasy Shawl)

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All photos in this post courtesy of the crochet designers.

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