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Knitters and crocheters typically spend days (or months, or even years) working on a single garment. Whether we give away the sweater or keep it for ourselves, the finished object should fit its intended recipient, and it should make the wearer feel beautiful/handsome. This doesn’t always happen, however. If you’ve ever struggled with sizing or with making a garment that flatters the figure, our Focus on Fit series can help. Here are links and descriptions for the entire first series.

1. Introduction

focus on fit

We’re launching a series of blog posts about a topic that shouldn’t be touchy, but often is: sweater fit, or how to create garments that you love to wear because they make you feel beautiful. Good fit seems like such a positive concept, yet it can turn negative in a heartbeat. How, then, can discussions of fit emphasize the positive? Knowledge is power, people. Read more…

2. Measuring for Accuracy

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The most important step you can take to have better-fitting sweaters is to have accurate measurements. I know, I know—it’s a pain to get someone to help, and many people aren’t comfortable knowing their exact measurements. However, it’s worth the time and effort so that you can choose an appropriate sweater size. Read more…

3. Invasion of the Body Type Snatchers!

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Commercial sizing schemes for women’s clothing absolutely suck. How can any woman understand her size with a single number that doesn’t indicate measurements? Okay, that made me feel better. While I can’t fix the fashion industry’s sizing problems, I can give you some alternative ways to think about fit. Now it’s time to identify your body type—a shape rather than a size. Read more…

4. Applying Measurements

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Two weeks ago, I walked you through taking your measurements. This week, we’re going to explain how to use those measurements. Below are the body and sleeve schematics. Read more…

5. Sweater Silhouettes

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Now it’s time to choose or modify a sweater pattern so that it flatters your body type.This week, I’ll explore hourglass, rectangle, and oval body types. Read more….

6. Triangles & Inverted Triangles

This week, we’re going to cover the two other main body type groups: triangles and inverted triangles (see Invasion of the Body Type Snatchers for definitions). As might be expected, the style tips are more or less opposite for these two triangle body types; what’s flattering for one group is generally less complimentary on the other group. Read more…

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