Focus on Fit: Crochet Skirts and Shorts that Fit YOU!

One of the most fantastic things about crocheting your own clothes is that you can make the garment to fit you (rather than trying to make your body fit standardized sizing.) Each of our bodies is totally unique; we each have our own quirks, shapes, and variations—and nobody knows your uniqueness better than you, so we’re here to help you make crochet skirts and shorts to fit you and make you feel great!

My greatest challenge in fit comes with my waist and hips. My waist circumference is small-ish because I have very slim shoulders and a long torso. My circumference grows to accommodate my larger hips. I’m very different sizes on top and bottom, so I make the most pattern adaptations for crochet skirts and shorts to accommodate my curves. Here are a few things to think about if you also struggle to make bottoms that fit.

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1. Get accurate measurements and implement them into your planning.

If you’re not familiar with how to measure accurately, you may want to go back and read some of our other Focus on Fit posts. Start off with these tips to take accurate measurements, as your measurements are essential for making a garment that fits well—especially crochet skirts and shorts. If you need help translating your measurements, check out this post on how to apply those measurements to your project.

2. Play with different hook sizes.

I really wanted to make the Ever-New Skirt from Interweave Crochet Summer 2018 this year, so following advice from above, I took my measurements and compared them to the crochet skirt schematic in the pattern. Predictably, my waist measurements corresponded with the second size of the skirt, while my hip measurements fell between the third and fourth sizes. I worked up some swatches for the pattern in a range of different hook sizes, and found that I could work the third size of the pattern in a smaller hook than called for around my waist (making the circumference smaller) and a larger hook than called for around my hips (making the circumference larger)! I didn’t have to increase or change the stitch pattern, and the crochet skirt fits perfectly. Swatching is the key for this fit adjustment, so don’t skip that step!

3. Consider changing the closures.

Many of my favorite projects like the Cactus Flower Skirt and the Pampered Pajamas cinch around the waist with a simple drawstring. This works well, but doesn’t produce a fitted look. Instead, consider adding a closure to your crochet skirt or shorts similar to the Seafaring Shorts from Interweave Crochet Summer 2018. The button closure creates a fitted look and allows you to adjust for fit. You could consider adding closures like this to your crochet garments by working a pattern in rows for the opening and then seaming, or working a pattern in rows for the opening and then changing to joined, turned rounds. It might take some pattern adjusting, but you’ll appreciate the fit in the end.

4. Understand gussets and use them well.

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A gusset is a small piece of fabric that is inserted into a garment to help with fit or reinforcement. It’s often triangle-shaped, but shape can vary depending on its placement. If you’re making a pair of pants or shorts, you will most likely see a gusset where front, back, and sides meet between the legs. This is a tremendous help in terms of fit and functionality. If you’re struggling to find good fit in your pants, consider adding a gusset or manipulating the shape of the gusset to allow for more movement ease.

5. Try it on.

If in doubt, try it on. If you’re worried about fit when making a crochet skirt or shorts, try it on. Just like a dress fitting, this will give you an instant idea of what adjustments you should start making.

If you’re making a top or sweater, you’ll enjoy this post on finding sweater silhouettes to balance your body type, and we even have an entire series on making raglan tops that will fit you perfectly!

Have these tips helped you make a crochet skirt or shorts with the perfect fit? Let us know in the comments below, and share any other fit tips you’ve tried!

Happy stitching!
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