Flora Ombre Convertible Wrap

I love the superlong urban scarves I see wrapped multiple times around women’s necks when I travel to big cities. But I wanted the long crochet scarf/wrap to have options for wearing multiple ways, so I added a sleeve opening down the center of the wrap.

You can wear this loosely on one shoulder and shawl-pinned on the opposite shoulder or wrapped around the other shoulder for a secure capelet/poncho/wrap. Or draped over your shoulders for a dramatic evening crochet wrap, with fabric in loose folds at the crook of your elbows. Or folded in half, both ends loosely looped through the fold, and then doubled piece pulled over your head. There is ample yardage to drape the fabric to be a two-fold capelet, one wrapped around your neck and the second widened and worn around your arms. The ombre effect of the yarn is really amplified with this styling.

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