Five Tips for Stitch Diagrams

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You simply must try a crochet lace project this summer. Friends have shared with me their fear that those beautiful lace garments and accessories just look too difficult. They really aren’t! Crochet lace is fun to crochet, and stitch diagrams make the pattern easy to visualize.

Crochet stitch diagrams are a visual representation of the crochet stitches used and gives you a good idea what the fabric will look like. Stitch diagrams also bridge the language gap. No more worries about whether that is an English double crochet or an American single crochet; if the pattern is written in Japanese; the stitch diagram still looks the same.

If you are new to stitch diagrams, here are five tips to help you crochet your lace project.


Top Five Rules of Crochet Stitch Diagrams

1. Check out the Stitch Key. This key will show you what each stitch looks like in its drawn form. Each symbol in the key represents a stitch in the stitch diagram. A shell or decrease will show the multiple double crochets worked into the same stitch or the two posts of the double crochet that are joined to become one stitch.

2. Each symbol looks like a tiny stick diagram of the actual stitch.  So your half double crochet is shorter than your double crochet. These little stick representations are easy to draw, and you will quickly learn how to draw them yourself—an invaluable skill when you are trying to modify a piece.

3. The row or round number is given at the beginning of the row or round. If you are working in rows, remember that the row numbers will be shown on opposite sides of the stitch diagram.

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4. In most stitch diagrams, each round or row is shown in a different color to help you keep track of which one you are working, as well as how the rows and rounds work together.

5. Motif diagrams, including granny squares, are generally worked from the center outward in increase rounds or rows. This is the same order in which you would crochet them.

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There is nothing to fear in crochet lace. Whether you have crocheted lace before or are about to dive in for the first time, get your Irish Lace and More Crochet Digital Collection. You will get Mary Jane Hall’s book Colorful Crochet, full of incredible garments and accessories worked in colorful lace, as well as Marie Treanor’s Interweave Crochet Workshop: Irish Crochet and Clones Lace Video.
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