Fitted Slippers


Lorene Eppolite


This pattern was designed for womens size 7-8 but can be easily adapted to fit any size foot… see note at end of pattern for size changes and decoration ideas.

I created this pattern because after following a slipper pattern I recently came across, I just wasn’t happy with the way it was turning out.  A quick slipperpattern search proved to be more of the same.  I wanted a slipper with a defined heel.  Some other benefits to my pattern are that the toe and heel are more reinforced, it has an actual sole and sides, and the slipper holds its shape.  I know that when I sell my items or give them away as gifts that I want them to look like their intended use.  I just didn’t like the way the other slippers looked when they were not on my feet.  My slipper is also made in one piece and does not require a fasten off except for at the end.  And as an added bonus they can be easily adjusted to make different slipper sizes.

Materials List

Size 4.0mm hook
Medium or worsted weight yarn (I  used Vanna’s Choice but RedHeart would work just as well)
Tapestry needle for weaving in end
4 stitch markers- optional

Finished Size

Size 8 women but pattern includes instructions for making any size


no gauge


-Be sure not to make your sl st’s to tight in entire pattern– but they must not be loose during the final edging.
-IF you have obvious seams you can “hide” this by making the seems be on the inside of either slipper… at the end of Rnd 7 the directions say ch 2 and turn.  Make one this way and make the other one by doing, ch 2 and continue to crochet in that direction.  This way your seams will be on opposite sides and you can make it the inside of each finished slipper.  The way I avoid seams in this project is to NOT chain 2 to start my rounds.  I simply make the dc in the 1stspace and sl st into it at the end of each round to complete the round.  You can see in my picture at the end of Rnd 6 that the seam is barely noticeable.
-For a more contoured look you can make the sides of the slipper indent by intermingling hdc or sc along sides and keeping dc along the back.

The Pattern

click here for pattern

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