First Peek: Crochet Me, The Book

** UPDATECrochet Me book cover:  The book is available for pre-order on Amazon. W00t. **

Eeee! Robyn just emailed me after poking around the Internets; seems Interweave Press is previewing the fall books lineup. And what's part of the fall books lineup? The Crochet Me book! *Doing the happy dance.* *Churning butter.*

I planted the wee seedling for this book nearly two years ago. I developed the pitch for a full year. The designers and I have been in touch about it all this time, spinning around ideas, swimming in yarns, playing with colours and techniques. To none of my other books have I felt so close; so identifyingly close (I don't think that's a word). I wasn't asked to write this book; I wasn't handed a target audience and a tone or a template. It's my own wee seedling, and I have watered and fed it for a very long time. Do you see how the cover sweater (speaking of Robyn…) drapes so beautifully? All of the sweaters in the book drape beautifully. See the middle thumbnail (a Missa Hills original)? Not all of the sweaters are lace. The projects in this book are intended to show off crochet at its best. It's not a beginner book, though all of the techniques are accessible. There are essays and tutorials and sidebars and illustrations. The photography is beautiful. I'm still working on editing bits of the manuscript, and it'll be a few more months before I see a copy of the finished book. And I can't wait.

When it comes out you'll get to know the following designers much better than you already do (you'll get to know me better, too):

I kept some very lofty goals in mind as I worked on this book (they're the same goals I've had since I started I want it to inspire people to learn more about their craft, to try new things, to think creatively. I also want to show off the fact that it's not only possible, but fun and satisfying to create fashionable, stylish, flattering garments in crochet, and that accessories and home dec don't need to be constantly recycled but rather can be approached afresh — it's exactly that: a matter of approach.

Overall, this book is the product of creative women coming together to achieve something we didn't think could be achieved any other way. I'm in love with the book. I hope you love it too. It'll be out sometime in September or early October.

[Note: The description on the book's detail page is a tiny bit out of date; I couldn't include a section on the history of crochet due to space constraints. There's lots of info around about it, though. And it's fascinating; you should read up.]

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