5 Reasons the First Light Raffia Rug Is the Perfect Project for Summer

Interweave Crochet's First Light Rug will make you CRAVE a raffia rug!

Are you excited to crochet this summer? Many crafters struggle to find the perfect summer project because they don’t want to be working with fluffy wools in 95 degree heat! This raffia rug kit from Interweave Crochet Summer 2018 has all you need for some stunning summer crochet with lovely Raffia yarn and quick-to-make motifs. Read on for all the reasons we can’t wait to start this project!

1. Raffia, raffia, raffia!

Raffia is an incredibly trendy fiber for crochet right now, and the First Light Raffia Rug kit jumps on that trend with 10 skeins of Universal Yarn Yashi (yashi is Japanese for palm tree, which is the plant that makes raffia yarn). Even if you’re not headed out on a tropical vacation, this stunning palm fiber will inspire a tropical vibe. Wondering how to care for raffia (or block the project)? Handwash and dry flat, preferably in the summer sun!

Crochet a raffia rug this summer!

2. We love motifs!

The First Light Rug uses one stunning motif repeated 15 times. This motif features incredible texture and impressive geometry as it transforms from an open circle into a square shape for joining.

3. We can’t get enough home décor.

Summer is not the time to make crochet sweaters, hats, or scarves. Even a crochet cotton top can feel too warm in the heat of the summer months. Home décor is perfect for summer: there’s no need to wear this crochet to show it off!

Ever want to crochet a raffia rug?

4. Practice your post stitches.

How do these motifs achieve their impressive texture? Post stitches! Front post stitches, back post stitches, and chains create the impressive dimensional look of these motifs. Plus, post stitches are the easiest way to make crochet cables come fall (get your practice in now)!

raffia rug

5. Learn how to join as you go.

It’s easy to love motifs, but it’s not so fun to spend hours joining them at the end of your project. This pattern includes instructions for a one-sided and two-sided join, so you can join this project as you go.

What’s your favorite part of this project? And where will you put it in your home? Let us know in the comments below!
Happy Stitching!
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