FO Friday: Sara’s Jardin Hat

My Jardin Hat from Interweave Crochet Summer 2017 is finished! I met my goal to complete this project before the heat of the summer ended. Now I can wear it for the next couple of months and protect from the sun. This is such a great hat for summer! You’ll want to make one, too!

You may remember I loved working on this project as a WIP because the charted pattern made it easy to pick up at the office and work a few stitches at a time whenever I had a spare moment. Because the hat is so open and breathable, it worked up very quickly!

jardin hat

The one aspect in making the hat that took the longest was finding the correct type of wire to create the brim support. I began by ordering what I thought was the 1.35 polyester wire listed in the pattern. My mistake: I ordered polyester wire in a size nowhere near the desired thickness (the dangers of ordering things online when you’re not paying close enough attention).

Then, I tried to string together a few strands of jewelry wire I had on hand; however, the yarn was heavier than the wire, so it didn’t stand up the way it was supposed to.

Then, I briefly tried some heavy duty wire my mom uses in the garden, which was far too stiff and didn’t have the desired flexibility. I finally just went to the craft store, looked closely at the wire selection, and chose the one just right for the hat. Lesson learned: it might be best to see the wire in person to make sure it will work! If you can find exactly the kind of wire and thickness described in the pattern, that would be ideal.

jardin hat

Once I found the wire that worked perfectly, I made it almost all the way around the brim and realized I had cut the wire too short. Bummer! That was an easy problem to fix: it just took time and reworking the spike stitches. I finally have a version of this hat that I love (with just the right wire). I can’t wait to wear this while sitting on my back porch sipping coffee, taking my dog for a walk, or spending time at the lake. What a beautiful hat!

Will you try making this hat from Alla Koval? In what color? Let us know in the comments!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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