Finished Object Friday: How to Conquer Crochet Cables

We posted a WIP of mine not too long ago about the Atomic Hat and how it wasn’t too bad to work through. At the time, it really wasn’t. But as I moved further along in the pattern, it proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. Rather than shy away from the decrease rows that stumped me a time or two, I gritted my teeth and crocheted on, conquering not only the cables, but the entire hat!

crochet cables

The beauty and original appeal of the hat was the cables, but those very cables cause me quite a bit of frustration, especially in the placement of my hook and counting stitches. After a while, I learned to rely on a mixture of reading the instructions and following the schematic. As soon as I began to use that combination, the starts of rows no longer seemed quite as daunting and began to shape up into the lovely hat that you see in the pictures! My advice for anyone that tackles this adorable piece is to make sure you read all the notes several times and count like crazy at the end of each round. Many of the rounds have different counting stipulations that must be followed in order to get a cohesive result.

crochet cables

Although this hat was a challenge, it invigorated me to work on it and I’m impatiently waiting for weather cool enough to wear it!

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