Fine Finishes for Crochet Jewelry

A few of our spring issues feature lovely crochet jewelry. The crochet part will be fun and engaging, of course, but what about the part that involves a bit of jewelry skill? Well, it’s easier than it seems. Here’s a closer look at some of the closures, with tips for a professional finish as well as suggestions for other applications for the fastenings in your crochet projects.


crochet jewelry

Ready-made jewelry fastenings CREDIT: Sharon Zientara

After crocheting, leave a tail about 8 inches long. Thread the tail on a needle and sew it in and out of one side of the fastening. Repeat on the other side. For added stability, dab a small amount of glue to secure the thread to the clasp and prevent raveling. Weave the remaining tail back and forth through the crocheted jewelry. Place a dab of sealant, such as Fray Check, on ends.

TIP: For added durability, before sewing on the fastener, string a bead or jump ring with soldered closure onto the tail. Sew into the loop on one side of the fastening and then back through the stopper bead or jump ring. Repeat several times to reinforce.

cardigans, keyhole tops & shawlettes


crochet jewelry

Double closure CREDIT:Sharon Zientara

This closure allows you to join two buttons with a double loop. To work it, crochet a chain long enough to surround each button, with enough give to create a central closure. Pinch the chain in the middle and sew closed. The closure on the Whimsy Necklace includes a decorative button in the middle to cover the stitching. A sturdier option is to slip-stitch along the chain; when you reach the end, pinch the circle to create the double loops and slip-stitch through both sides of the loop at the center.

capelets, bracelets & purse straps


crochet jewelry

Button, attached to fabric base CREDIT: Sharon Zientara

For a button fastening, you can crochet a bit of fabric for attaching the button to allow more stability for the button and comfort against the skin. The Promise Necklace has a fancy shell-shaped base with a decorative picot at one end. For other jewelry with a button fastening, you could crochet a simple circle as a base. Work the casing in the same color as the project or a complementary color. The other end of the necklace has a loop that fits around the button.

cardigans, capelets, sweater coats & pillow covers

Looking for other crochet jewelry to try? Make these!

1. Coral Crochet Earrings

crochet jewelry

Coral Crochet Earrings CREDIT: George Boe

2. Kelp Necklace

crochet jewelry

Kelp Necklace CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

3. Municipal Necklace

crochet jewelry

Municipal Necklace CREDIT: GoodFolk Photography

4. Fiore Bracelet

crochet jewelry

Fiore Bracelet CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

5. Belle Necklace and Cuff

crochet jewelry

Belle Necklace and Cuff CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

6. Seagrass Necklace

crochet jewelry

Seagrass Necklace CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

7. Cool Cat Cuff

crochet jewelry

Cool Cal Cuff CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

8. Sphere Necklace

crochet jewelry

Necklaces from Crochetscene CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

—Sara Dudek

Featured Image: 3 Fastenings for Crochet Jewelry CREDIT: Sharon Zientara

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