Finding a New Passion: A Conversation about Sockupied

I always have more craft projects going than time to work on them. But that has never stopped me from starting something new, whether that is crocheting an afghan or another hat, sewing a skirt, or learning how to knit socks. Okay, I have yet to tackle knitting socks, so when the new issue of Sockupied became available I immediately downloaded the new eMag.

Then I sat down with the editor, Anne Merrow,  to find out more about this new product. Here is an excerpt of our conversation:


How would you describe Sockupied?

Sockupied is technique wrapped in pure fun!

OK, more specifically Sockupied is an eMag-a completely interactive digital publication-that focuses on sock knitting. It includes videos, articles, patterns, illustrations, and interactivity designed to help you make just the socks you want, socks that fit your feet and your knitting styles.

What are the greatest benefits of eMags?

I think it's the combination of elements and perspectives. It's the only medium I know of where you can watch a video, look at illustrations and photos (and zoom in if necessary), and read directions simultaneously-so you don't have to choose between learning visually and by reading directions.


Why an eMag about socks?

Like a lot of knitters, I've fallen in love with sock knitting. Socks are habit forming, I think Cookie A. said it best when I asked her this question: Socks are the perfect "canvas." They're small enough that you can try something adventurous and still finish in your lifetime; they're worked almost entirely in the round (for people who don't like to purl); they use a pretty consistent amount of yarn (and beautiful yarn at that!); and they're wonderful to wear. Knit socks

Socks look complicated, but they use a pretty consistent set of skills: knitting in the round, increasing and decreasing, following charts, and a few others.


What is the best part about making socks?

For me, the best part is putting them on at the end and feeling how well they fit. There are other parts that are close, too: I love buying sock yarn, I love trying something new and figuring it out, I love seeing the innovative patterns that designers create, and I love the community of sock knitters! It's surprising that something so utilitarian inspires a lot of passion, but the people I've met through sock knitting are clever and interesting and really generous with their knowledge.


What is your favorite part of Sockupied Spring 2011?

When I see the draft versions of the issue, there are always a few things that make me clap and jump up and down. I am childishly amused by the way the skeins of sock yarn appear in the Great Yarns feature. For sheer enjoyment, my favorite thing inColor Me Argyle this issue is the "Color Me Argyle" painter applet, where you select an area of an argyle sock and choose a color to fill it in with. (I'm not always very brave when it comes to color, but some of the colors that look good together have really surprised me.)

In terms of usefulness, the one part I'll use over and over is Chrissy Gardiner's article on changing the heel of a sock with three incredible calculators. I like to knit toe-up, and my big feet often require me to size up patterns. I often wind up fudging the heels because even though I could work out the math, I never do. Chrissy's calculators do the math for me, so when I change the number of stitches in the sock, I can see right away how to work the heel.



I echo Anne Merrow observation, "Interweave is a dangerous place in that you pick up lots of new passions working here." Download your copy of Sockupied and find a new passion of your own.

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