Find Your Favorite Crochet Word

I have a good friend who used to greet me every Wednesday morning with, "Happy Hump Day!" It always brought a smile to my face and made the middle of my work week just a little easier to get through.

This week I wanted to create something to bring a smile to your Wednesday and give your brain something a little more fun to work on than the stack of papers you may find on your desk or the emails filling your inbox. So here is a little word finder, full of your favorite crochet words.

Before you look at the list of words below (you didn't peak already did you?), pick the first word you see. Do you have a favorite crochet technique or stitch? Maybe you prefer to crochet hats or cardigans? Is that the first word you found? I love an innovative crochet cardigan, and although I find that I make more accessories, the word cardigan in a pattern always draws my attention. I have a stack of these patterns in my queue.

Put the first word you found in the comments, and let's see what type of crocheter you are.



Now see if you can find them all!

1. Hook

2. Shawl

3. Cardigan

4. Shell

5. Crochet Me

6. Tunisian

7. Motifs

8. Cluster

9. Filet

10. Lace

Have fun! And after you have found nine words, find your perfect pattern in one of our free eBooks!

Best wishes,

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