Why We Love This Filet Crochet Market Bag so Much

Summer is here, and our filet crochet Market Bag kit will be needed in your day-to-day more than you might imagine. At its core, it is a item of practicality as much as it is a fun crochet project. This is your go-to for the farmer’s market, as it seems meant to carry a baguette, not to mention a hefty stash of greens.

As long as you’re running errands, you might want to hit the thrift store to feed a clothes Jones. And this is why you need two of these market bags. One for the food, and one for the three gently used t-shirts you couldn’t live without.

Once done running around, you have those ubiquitous summer plans that involve water. This bag has “take me to your nearest water attraction” written all over it. Towels, sunscreen, your favorite paperback, a hat that is packable – and you’re off!

I need not go on, as Editor of Interweave Crochet Sara Dudek, has you covered. In these three blogs, she offers the multiple ways you are able to modify the design, and encourages you to build your crochet toolbox by practicing filet crochet.

3 Ways to Make Your Crochet Market Bag Even Better

The most fun accessory for summer is a crocheted market bag. They hold all the essentials for summer, they’re stylish, and they are so much fun to make. Grab our To Market Bag kit in Hazelwood or Riviera Blue to make your very own!

Endless Filet Crochet Possibilities with the Crochet Market Bag Kit

crochet market bag

Sara demonstrates how easy it is to customize this pattern and go beyond the original “To Market” design.

I love crochet market bags with filet crochet and all the endless design possibilities they offer. Designer Laura Ricketts incorporated the phrase “To market, To market” along with a cute apple design into this practical crochet market bag that’s perfect for summer adventures to farmers’ markets or vintage fairs.

Practice Filet Crochet with This Cute Market Bag Kit!

The original design included in the kit is the “To market” lettering.

Never tried filet crochet? The To Market Bag Kit has everything a beginner needs to get started. Along with the pattern and the yarn, we’ve included 2 articles from past issues of Interweave Crochet where the experts (Doris Chan and Kathryn White) explain what filet crochet is, how to read a chart, and their own tips and tricks for working the technique.

I know you will love this filet crochet Market Bag as much as Sara does. It is summer Market Bag Season, after all!

Have fun,

Customize Your Summer Experience!

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