Fido & Fashion

Fido the movieSave for the holidays and my recent bout with under-the-weatherness, I've worked pretty much every weekend since last summer. I managed to squeeze in good fun, too, but not so much with the relaxation. This weekend I'm happy to report I will not be working. We'll be entertaining family on the occasion of Mr Cme's grandmother's 90th birthday. So, again not so much with the relaxation, but it will be a lot of fun and surely many good times will be had. And no work. Woo hoo!

Anyway, there's something else I'm looking forward to this weekend. Something we're going to make time to do even if it means staying out past our collective bedtime. We're going to see Fido. Not only did one of our very good and very-very-deserving-of-a-good-time friends co-produce this movie, but it also just looks brilliant. And also? The fashion, people. Just looking at the still photos makes me want to abscond with Carrie-Anne Moss's wardrobe. Look at this photo!

The film is a 1950's period piece zombie comedy. Oh, dear. I can think of few more enticing combinations. Go see it too, eh?

UPDATE: Oops! My friend tells me the movie is opening only in Canada this weekend, and will open in the US in June. So, a good excuse to cross the border for a weekend!

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