Felted comfort doll




Felted crochet version of the Comfort Dolls for orphans.

Materials List

100% wool (not washable wool!), worsted weight
K (6.5 mm) hook
Embroidery floss, sewing needles, strong nylon thread for sewing up (optional).


Finished Size

7″- 9″ tall, depending upon yarn, how much felted, tension.




Crocheted in the round. Do not join rounds. Mark beginning of each round.

Embroider face and clothes after stuffing.

The Pattern

Comfort Doll
Crochet Instructions
100% wool (not washable wool!), worsted weight
& K (6.5 mm) hook
Polyester stuffing, embroidery floss, yarn & embroidery needles
(Beads/buttons should be very securely attached, or not used for

children under 3 years of age)

Single crochet throughout body. Do not join rounds – crocheted in spiral…

Starting at shoes, Chain 36, join in ring (be careful not to twist)
Shoes: 5 rounds
Pants: 11 rounds
Jersey: (10 rounds total)
8 rounds = crochet around
9th & 10th rounds = decrease 4 sts evenly around, each round (28 sts.)
Face: (8 rounds total)
1st round = decrease 4 sts evenly around (24 sts)
2nd round = crochet around
3rd & 4th rounds = increase 6 sts evenly around, each round (36 sts)
5-8 rounds = crochet around
Hair: (10 rounds total)
1-4 rounds = crochet around (may change to another color yarn after
these 4 rounds to make “hat”)
5- 7 rounds = decrease 2 sts evenly around, each round (30 sts)
8- 11 rounds = decrease 6 sts evenly around, each round (6 sts)
Leaving long tail, cut yarn. With yarn needle, draw yarn through

remaining 6 sts. twice. Weave in yarn ends.

FELT DOLL either by hand or by machine. Stuff to shape and allow to dry.

Optional Ears (make 2): Chain 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in 3rd, slst last. end off leaving long tail to sew to head. Easiest to sew to head after head has been stuffed. Line up top of ear with bottom of hairline.

Stuff head & neck firmly, body should be stuffed lightly, as this will be stitched to define arms, legs, waist & shoes. Sew shoes closed after stuffing, drawing bottom edges in.

Embroider eyes and mouth & other details like french knot necklace, embroidered or crocheted design on jersey, pom-pons on shoes or hat, bow or flower in hair….

Hair may be accentuated with eyelash, boucle, or other fluffy yarn. Take lengths of yarn and make loops all around head, or make french knot in rows. Can also attach braids, pig-tails…

Details make the doll!

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