Faylinn Teacups: Shape Your Teacup and Saucer

 DIY crochet teacup tutorial

Faylinn Teacups by Susan Lowman, Interweave Crochet Summer 2014 I couldn't help myself when I saw this absolutely darling teacup and saucer pattern. Though this post is mainly about the fabric stiffening process, I also wanted to give you a few notes regarding the crocheting. The pattern is very easy to follow and, don't say I didn't warn you… addictive! One detail to mention is that I wasn't happy with the scallops as written in the pattern, they were too subtle for me and I wanted a more exaggerated scallop. To do this, I substituted the "2 dc in next 2 tr" with "2 tr in next 2 treble".

Supplies: Teacup and saucer for a mold, fabric stiffener, toothbrush (to brush off any leftover stiffener), small rubberband (optional) and your crocheted (floppy) teacup and saucer!

First of all, you will want to do this on a disposable surface as it takes quite a bit of fabric stiffener to soak the crochet pieces. I used an old paper grocery bag and completed the task outside.You will spray (or soak) the piece until it is saturated. I used a quick fabric stiffener that you spray onto the object. There are other choices out there as well, check your local craft store!

Once the piece has been soaked, mold onto your saucer. If I was to do this again, I might search for a saucer that is smaller in circumference but a bit taller… I think this would create a better look for the final set. I repeated the process of spraying for the cup, then molded it to the outside of my actual teacup. Note that I used an old teacup and just hammered off the handle (it was much easier than I thought). The fabric stiffener sticks pretty well to the mold.

I noticed that the bottom part of the teacup was not molding to the ridges as I had hoped. My solution was to put a small rubber band around the ridge to hold it in place as it set.Here are the finished pieces, let these sit for 24 hours to be safe.

Here we are, 24 hours later, time to peel off your teacup and saucer! This was much easier than I had imagined, they came right off with no troubles. The teacup was just a little bit more tricky to peel off but no big problems, just be careful and take your time.

Voila! Your own little teacup and saucer for a tea party fit for garden fairies.

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