Favorite Crochet Cowls

I like crochet scarves. They are a great pop of color or texture; they elevate your ensemble to an elegant level, and they are great to crochet because gauge isn't critical. But sometimes I hate scarves. They don't stay in place very well; meaning they are either attempting to unwind themselves, or, in my case, tighten around your neck until they feel like a boa constrictor.

Don't get me wrong; I own plenty of scarves, and I wear them a lot. But I want an option for those times when a scarf doesn't seem to want to stay put. Crochet cowls are the perfect choice. They are warm; they add that desired color and texture; and because they are a circle, not wrapped around your neck, they won't loosen or tighten.

Here are some of the crochet cowls I am considering.


Thistle Cowl by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton

There are three things I love about this cowl. Three colors combine in stripes to create eye-catching but simple colorwork. And because I can use three colors, this cowl will match multiple jackets. Chains and single crochet stitches make up the body of this cowl. The pattern is so simple it requires very little concentration. Lastly, the picot crochet edging is beautiful. It is the perfect trim.


Cabled Scarf by Laurinda Reddig

Crocheted in worsted weight yarn, this cowl is fast! I love the cable-like texture, and the buttons are a great visual point. The soft color of the yarn used is beautiful, and I want a second one in a bright color-maybe turquoise. This cowl would be a fabulous gift as well.


Edie Cowl by Anne Lecrivain

This cowl is a favorite of several of my coworkers. It might not be quite as warm as some of the other options with the lace stitch pattern and large diameter, but it would transition beautifully into next spring. Another quick project, you can finish a cowl in an evening.


Riff Cowl by Jill Wright

At 84 inches in length, this cowl is an eye-catching piece with multiple options for styling. You can wear it in its full length, double or triple the loops, tie it in the middle then loop around your neck, or wear it like a shrug. Regardless of the way you wear it, the lacy fabric has beautiful drape.


Ghost Cone Scarf by Sue Perez

I have to consider this gorgeous crochet cowl. Chain loops are worked like crochet broomstick lace to form this richly textured scarf, reminiscent of a multistranded necklace. This cowl uses are large amount of yarn and takes a more time than the other cowls, but it is well worth the time! The texture and buttons are stunning.

Download your favorite crochet cowl pattern today!

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P.S. Do you prefer to wear crochet scarves or cowls?

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