Fast, Simple, and Elegant: The Molecule Cowl

Do you ever get addicted to a pattern? You make one, and think “gosh, that was fun” and you make another. And then maybe another. And you may look back on it fondly, and pull the pattern out again when you think of another person who may like the finished object. I do this a lot. Usually with patterns that are quick, made with pretty yarn, and are deceptively simple. My most recent addiction is the Molecule Cowl, by Sachiko Burgin, which is featured in Crochetscene 2014. Bonus: the pattern is temporarily on sale for only $2.75!

Before the magazine even came out, I made one for my mother. I used pretty hand painted sock yarn, and began it at the airport. By the end of my three-hour flight, I was nearly finished. A few more hours in the hotel that evening, and it was finished! I washed it in the hotel sink, blocked it on the windowsill, and it was ready to gift to her the next day, for her birthday. Okay, it was still a little damp. I forgot I was in a more humid climate, where things don’t dry overnight. But it was finished, and finished quickly! And it was fun. The pattern is an easily remembered repeat, so once you get going, the next step is intuitive, and you rarely have to glance at the pattern.

The second one was a gift for a friend. I was on a tight deadline for it, so thinking about projects that I knew were quick and simple, but elegant—of course I thought of the Molecule Cowl again. And I enjoyed making it just as much the second time. In fact, I started to feel like I needed one for myself!

So, off to the yarn store. I picked up a skein of the yarn used for the magazine sample, Manos del Uruguay Fino. It’s a lusciously soft merino silk blend that is hand-dyed in beautiful tonal colors that give the stitch pattern a fantastic light-and-shadow effect. I picked the color Pocketwatch for mine.

I timed myself this time. It took me about two hours per repeat, so around six hours total. I likely sped up from my first version, but it’s still the perfect weekend project for a last minute gift or some instant gratification. It’s quick enough that I don’t even mind that my mother-in-law has been eyeing this one. It may end up gift wrapped after all, and I have no doubt there will be a fourth cowl on the end of my hook shortly!

Happy crocheting! 




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