Farewell, lovelies.

On a dark, rainy Saturday the February I was 27, in 2004, I wrote a rant and put it on the internet. It was my first experience creating something on the newly social Web.

The thing I ranted about was the paltry representation of crochet online, and I was soon to discover that crochet was given short shrift in the old media, too. Where knitting was experiencing a revolution in popularity driven by innovation in contemporary design, crochet was sitting stagnant, continuing to throw itself back to the ponchos and granny squares of the '70s, and the doilies of eras long gone. People weren't blogging about it, no one was starting online magazines about it, and the print magazines seemed content to maintain the status quo.

That rant changed my life. It put me in touch with some of the friendliest, most creative and innovative people in the world. People who were, on their own, doing fantastically innovative things with crochet. But they were doing it in private.

The rant, which I'd put on a new site I called Crochet Me, grew into an online magazine. That online magazine grew into my career. It was the first time I'd ever felt I was doing something with purpose.

As I nurtured the magazine and formed relationships with crocheters, I did a lot of growing up. I learned how to ask for help. I learned how to take opportunities that terrified me. I grew a much thicker skin. I learned that for someone who can't seem to keep her home tidy and is often fifteen minutes late for social engagements, I have a knack for meeting deadlines.

I was called a cheerleader. It was feared I was a rogue.

I was driven by lofty ideas that kept me working until the wee hours of the morning. Fostering creative exploration. Challenging assumptions. Questioning the status quo. Encouraging women to speak up and try new things. Encouraging industry to embrace the maligned craft.

Eventually I burned out and didn't want to fight the fight anymore. I pulled back.

Now I'm 35. I'm still passionate about pushing crochet. I'm still frustrated there aren't more crochet bloggers. That we're still more likely to see the same-old same-old rather than innovation that makes our fingers twitch. Creative exploration remains my favourite thing to promote.

This is my last blog post here at CrochetMe.com. My contract is up, and it's time for me really to move on. I'll still do crochet and general yarn things here and there, and I'm focusing my creative energy on my new project, Mighty Ugly.

Thank you for your friendship, for your inspiration, for your passion for yarn and hook. Thank you for joining me on the most satisfying, most exciting adventure of my life. I'm sure it won't be my last. I hope to go on some more grand adventures with you again soon.

Have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family, and a spectacular New Year.

Don't be a stranger. Keep in touch on my blog, Twitter and Ravelry, eh?

PS I'll leave you with the Crochet Me image thanking people for a Myspace follow. The technology may change, but our love of craft never will!

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