Not Farewell, But Fare Forward, Crocheters

Marcy Smith at an Interweave Crochet Photoshoot

Me (in the blue hat) monitoring crochet photographs as they are taken.

The Fall 2016 issue of Interweave Crochet marks the thirty-first time that I have served as conductor for the symphony of creative, innovative, and utterly delightful projects composed by skilled crochet designers. In addition, I have had the pleasure of guiding our special issues of Crochetscene, Crochet Accessories, and Crochet Home, and, more recently, issues of our sister magazine Love of Crochet. The best part of this role is seeing how you transform these patterns into your own creations. I have seen up close the growth of crochet and have aimed to bring you the best, freshest crochet designs. Your passion fuels this magazine.

Marcy Smith at a crochet photo shoot.

Getting my makeup perfect.

Over the years, I have worked with an exceptionally talented team of designers and editors at Interweave, as well as a phenomenal array of freelancers: crochet designers, who are the very substance of the magazines, and the photographers, stylists, and models who bring the crochet designs into real life beautifully. I have stood in fields, on beaches, under umbrellas, often beneath a sheen of sunscreen. I have stood back, jumped forward, once even pantomimed Kate Winslet at the helm of the Titanic (all pictures of this have been suppressed). The team worked together to show in the best way we could imagine how you could bring these crochet garments into your own lives.

Crochet afghanMy goal, always, was to help you find pleasure and inspiration in this extraordinary craft, one of the few fiber arts that has not become mechanized. All the beauty, all the joy, all the creativity comes out of your hands as you use a hook to transform yarn into your creation. I am delighted and humbled by any inspiration you have gained from these efforts.

The next time you open to the editor’s page, you will see a new face conducting the crochet orchestra. I will miss you all.







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