Fantasy Crochet Projects

Little Red's Infinity Hood  

If you could tell the story of your crochet, what would it be? Would it be an adventure, a touch of science fiction perhaps? I'd like to think of mine as a bit of a crochet fantasy. And in her new book, Crochet Ever After, Brenda K. B. Anderson has created storybook projects that you will love to wear.

Here is Brenda to paint the picture behind her inspiration for these amazing designs.

Crochet Ever After

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved yarn. I mean she really, really loved yarn. Each night she would spend hours turning her yarn into the object she desired with a magic hook. Sometimes it was a gift for the queen or a fairy princess, sometimes it was a toy for the children in the town, but usually it was something special just for herself. The townspeople learned about this magic hook and became jealous, so they hired a troll to steal it from her. The troll gave the hook to the townspeople (in exchange for a top-of the-line brand-new club). They all stared at it. "C'mon! Make some stuff!" the townspeople cried. But nothing happened. The woman heard the commotion and came over to see what was going on. She saw that they had stolen her hook and she laughed and shook her head, knowing there were plenty more hooks at the local yarn store down the street. One of the townspeople asked her why she was laughing, and she replied:

  Magic Bean Stalk-ings


"All yarn has a story to tell,

so grab a hook and cast a spell.

Meet me in the woods tonight,

bring some yarn and I just might,

show you how to work that hook

and share with you my crochet book!"

-Brenda K. B. Anderson

Bad Apple Fingerless Mitts  

Does anyone else feel like the woman in the story could be you?  Me too, and I want to make so many of the projects in this book. They are the perfect combination of fantasy and utilitarian. The Little Red's Infinity Hook and Magic Bean Stalk-ings are at the top of my list, though I love the Bad Apple Fingerless Mitts too.

Order your copy of Crochet Ever After today and create a piece of your own fantasy or download the eBook and get started crocheting today. There are some fabulous gift ideas!

Best wishes,

P.S. Do you have friends who ask you to crochet something for them like the villagers asked the hook? How do you respond?

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