Crochet Projects You’ll Fall For

Fall is my favorite time of year! The leaves flutter down to the ground and create a lovely soundtrack as you crunch through them! The breezes are more brisk and the sky seems a deeper blue against the colors of leaves still clinging to trees. Which fall crochet projects are you considering during this beautiful time of year?

To help you celebrate autumn and all its glory, we’ve come up with a list of leaf-related projects that will keep you busy on those cool fall days. No need to “leaf” through the pages of the magazine—just click on the links below to “rake” in some projects you’re sure to “fall” for.


1. Leaves

We’re starting this list out with a freebie! If you want to make leaves, this is the pattern for you! Make one for a cute coaster or string some together for a garland.

fall crochet projects

2. Accessories

Use the Falling Leaves Crochet Scarf to keep leaves around from fall into winter. Make the leaf motifs in traditional colors, or change it up! Or, if hats are more your thing, check out the Leaf Peeper Hat. Available in 3 sizes, this hat will keep any head warm.


Leaf Peeper Hat


fall crochet projects

Falling Leaves Crochet Scarf


3. Clothing

The Sugar Maple Tunic is perfect for day or night: wear it with pants and a shirt during the day or over a sheath for a date. Both the Blue Ridge Cardigan and the Marina Sweater are also sure to keep you warm in a variety of settings. Wear them at the office or on a walk through the fallen leaves!


fall crochet projects

Sugar Maple Tunic


fall crochet projects

Blue Ridge Cardigan


fall crochet projects

Marina Sweater


4. Bags

If you’re looking for bags perfect for an autumn picnic or maybe for a trip that needs a smaller crochet project, look no further. Whether you’re packing it up with snacks for a picnic or bringing it along while you frolic in the fall foliage, the Autumn Foliage Bag or the Hosta Tote will be perfect for any autumn trip.


fall crochet projects

Autumn Foliage Bag


fall crochet projects

Hosta Tote


5. Wraps or Ponchos

The Chestnut Wrap, Jazz Topper, and Claudia’s Capelet will each deliver warmth as well as fashion in the fall months. If you make all of them, you’ll be well-equipped against those chilly autumn breezes.


fall crochet projects

Chestnut Wrap


fall crochet projects

Claudia’s Capelet


fall crochet project

Jazz Topper

What do you think of our list? Do you have a favorite type of project to make when you’re planning for fall? What have you made in the past? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Stitching!

Fall Crochet Projects for You to Try!

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