Fall 2009 Interweave Crochet Photo Shoot: Taking a Step Back

Fall 2009 Interweave Crochet Photo Shoot: Taking a Step Back

It's that time of year again. The preview for the Fall 2009 issue is up, and I can finally share my excitement over these creatively inspiring projects. As I helped find the perfect necklace to accent the rich orange and elegant Tunisian pattern of the Spice Market Tunic or watched the photographer's assistant "groom" the field to accentuate the beautiful drape of the Szechuan Sweater with its chic crocheted frogs, I realized how much behind-the-scenes work goes into the beautiful photograph presented in the magazine. At this issue's photoshoot, I captured some of the behind-the-scenes moments as we chose the perfect accessories and locations to create a story for each project.

 Campus Field Cap

Each detail of the shot is carefully planned and observed. Each hairstyle is carefully chosen to best highlight the project—does the hair need to be up to show off a neckline or down in a chic style. We agreed that loose braids were a perfect complement to the Campus Field Cap.

Curried Cable Jacket

For the Curried Cable Jacket, our brilliant stylist suggested a belt or ribbon that would run through the jean's belt loops. It was the perfect simple accent.

  Apple Cider Mittens

With the wonderful world of digital photography, we can view each shot as it is taken. This allows us to ensure the important parts of each project are shown to their best advantage.

Viewing pictures on the computer.

It is not unusual to see several of us huddled around the computer screen without even glancing up at the model just feet from us.

Campus Field Cap

While each shot shows a serene, untarnished background, if the shot where pulled back several steps you would see a stretch of cords and the solid black legs of tripods, lights, reflectors, or diffusers. Sometimes nature provides the perfect lighting, but more often we have to modify the available light.

Moorish Mosaic Afghan

With the picture of the Moorish Mosaic Afghan, we marveled at the perfect lighting. But as we set up the shot, the perfect light slipped behind thick, gray clouds. Luckily the diffuser and light created a good approximation.


Thank you for joining me on a little tour behind the scenes of the Fall 2009 issue photoshoot. I know the photographs from the issue have inspired me to begin several projects of my own. Visit my blog for more behind-the-scenes images and a humorous story or two.

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