Face Scrubbie #2 – Post Stitch w/ Tutorial


Cynthia June Rupp Liuciene


This is a very quick, easy and fun project to do.  I make these when I have a few moments of idle time, any time, anywhere.  I like to take some cotton yarn and a hook just about anywhere I go and work on making scrubbies for anyone who is willing to take them from me.  

At home I use the scrubbies to wipe my face with 100% alcohol, wash my face with cleanser, and then apply Witch Hazel as a toner before applying my regular wrinkle cream.  The scrubbies are great because they have texture for getting deep down dirt in my huge pores and they wash up in the regular laundry, even with a bit of bleach to disinfect them.  I use them in substitute for the store bought cotton pads that are three or four dollars for a pack of fifty or so.  These save me a lot of money in the long run!

Materials List


  • Remnants of 100% cotton yarn (size 4, such as Lily’s Sugar And Cream, Peaches N Creme, etc) – the kind you use for dishcloths.
  • Size G crochet hook




Finished Size

Approximately 2.5 or 3 “


Not important


HAVE FUN!  Be creative!  Email me photos of your scrubbies and I’ll post them on the Scrubbie page!  

(Contact link can be found on this page:  Face Scrubbie #2

The blog link has a photo tutorial showing special stitches (Post DC) and stitch placement instructions

The Pattern

Free Pattern Found HERE

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