Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit: Finished, and I Still Can’t Put it Down

The Fable Cowl is one of my favorite projects from Interweave Crochet Winter 2018. From the moment Juliette Bezold’s design submission landed on my desk (almost a year ago), I knew I had to make this project. The use of 2-color Tunisian in the round in combination with the twisted Tunisian stitch makes this project truly innovative and one of a kind. If you’ve had your eye on this project as well, grab the Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit and get started!

The Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit includes the Plymouth Yarn Encore Mega in dark taupe and oatmeal, which are the yarns used in the Winter cover project. The kit also includes a print and digital version of the Winter issue. But the best part is the crochet hook included in the kit! This project uses a very unique crochet hook, a size M/13 (9 mm) double-ended hook. While any size M double-ended hook could work, we’ve included one with a 40-inch cable between the hooks. Don’t worry about constantly working stitches on, flipping to the wrong side, and working them off. With the long cable, you can work an entire round in forward pass, and then an entire round in return pass. No disruption to your stitching flow.

I couldn’t resist starting on this kit myself and trying out such a unique hook. So I started the project and made a list of tips and tricks for working with the kit. If you’re struggling to get started with this project, or you have no idea what the twisted Tunisian simple stitch is, check out Susanna’s photo tutorial. And best of all, designer Juliette Bezold created this video to get you started on the project.

With Susanna and Juliette’s help, I finished my Fable Cowl! I switched my colors so the lighter color (oatmeal) is in the background, and the darker color (dark taupe) created the design. I really like the result. I normally shy away from Tunisian projects, but this one has me totally hooked! I’m so glad I bought the kit because I’m already using that unique double-ended hook to make another version of this cowl in some bulky yarn I had in my stash. I can’t put this project down!

Have you tried the Fable Cowl Tunisian Crochet Kit yet? What do you think of that nifty double-ended hook? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy stitching!
Sara Dudek
Editor, Interweave Crochet

Get the kit and explore the nuances of stitching with a double-hook!

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