Extreme Makeover: The CrochetMe Edition

What do you think of the new look?
We've had a makeover here at the CrochetMe enewsletter. And even better, we've had a makeover at CrochetMe.com.

We have a fine community center at CrochetMe.com. But you know how things get a bit cluttered over time. You can't find that tool you need to finish your project. You've lost track of a memo you had to ask someone something. And, good golly, could someone move that pile of stuff off my chair already!

So we had a little feng shui action. All the good stuff is still there—free crochet patterns, forums, blogs—but we've organized them into new drawers and cabinets, so they're easier to find. We spruced up the walls, so you can hang pictures of your works in progress and finished objects in the Galleries. You can settle in with a read at the Blogs—all our posts are there in case you want to catch up. And you'll find a cache of CrochetMe enewsletters—no more sifting through your email for that crochet tip! Catch up on a conversation in the Forums. And you can preview our print magazine Interweave Crochet right there, instead of skipping over to another site (just click on Magazine). And there's lots more—head on over and start opening drawers and see what you can find.

And, yes, we've moved that pile of stuff off your favorite chair, so come on over and crochet awhile.

I'll meet you there!


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