Express Yourself: Beaded Crochet Edgings

In this DIY age, fashion has become an outlet for self-expression. As crocheters, we craft our own garments and accessories, fully guiding the look of the finished project, from yarn color to fit. The resulting piece communicates who we are. Through crochet, we also transform purchased clothing, embellishing a mass-market product with unique flowers, appliqué, or edgings and making it a one-of-a-kind ensemble piece.

Lace Flower from The Beaded Edge  

Embellishing for self-expression is not a new idea. Generations of women in diverse cultures have used crochet edgings to communicate emotions or decorate their clothing and accessories.

In Turkey these decorative edgings are called "oya" and are used to decorate beautiful scarves, which are often worn for traditional or religious occasions. A beautiful and touching collection of traditional Turkish edgings are compiled in The Beaded Edge.

Beaded crochet edgings are an easy and quick way to infuse a garment with your personality. Play with thread color and bead type to make a top a little bit steampunk or add a touch of sophistication.

  Soap Bubble from The Beaded Edge

To get you started I will share with you one of my favorite beaded crochet edgings, Lace Flower, from The Beaded Edge. Take a peek at the pattern at the very bottom of this eNewsletter. So go ahead; choose your favorite thread and beads and use this traditional Turkish edging to express yourself.

For more inspiring beaded edging designs, order The Beaded Edge today and create clothing that reflects your self-expression.

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