Free eBook: 5 Crochet Colorwork Patterns You Have to Try

The free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook comes with 5 crochet patterns including a scarf, purse, cardigan, mitts, and vest. I have a yarn stash full of single skeins or collections of two or three balls of yarn. They aren’t large enough to create a garment or even a scarf on their own, but combined they create incredible color combination. These single skeins have led me into a wonderful world of crochet colorwork. I have gathered some of these colorwork techniques to share with you in our 5 Free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook. You will find tapestry crochet, colorwork Tunisian crochet, Fair Isle, and more. Pattern, texture, pops of color, there’s more than one reason colorwork is something that we are all drawn to. With eye-catching color and incredible designs, colorwork crocheted patterns are fun to plan and create. Picking the perfect colors can lead to an incredible visit to your local yarn store or even your own stash.

And there are so many great crochet colorwork techniques to choose from, and that’s where we come in. This free eBook will help you explore the combination of yarn colors with different designs, and even provide you with a new technique or two. Learn how to work tapestry crochet to create crisp geometrical designs. See what you can do with Tunisian crochet colorwork. Try your hand at intarsia crochet, and more. Try adding a pop of white and yellow or enjoy your favorite colors and yarns. Download your free eBook and start playing with color in new ways.



Sneak-Peek at the Crochet Colorwork Patterns You’ll Make:

Elvis 1973 Scarf by Karen Ratto-Whooley

The Elvis 1973 Scarf is a crochet scarf pattern found in our free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook, This scarf creates a crochet Fair Isle look by working single crochet in the back loop only with the right side facing. A hook with a handle is recommended for working tight stitches. Every row except foundation row will have 2 strands of yarn on each end of scarf. When starting each row, take care to work over 2nd color of row in first stitch.The yarn is fastened off at the end of each round, creating a fringed easy colorwork scarf.

Mitla Purse by Carol Ventura

The Mitla Purse is a crochet purse pattern found in our free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook. This geometric crochet purse is a quick and easy introduction to tapestry crochet patterns. A great stashbusting project, you will also learn how to sew a zipper into your crochet to use in this and your other crochet designs. With tapestry crochet, one yarn is single crocheted, while another is carried. To change colors, work last yarn over hook of stitch with next color And what we love most about this quick crochet purse is you can have it done in just a day.

Devon Cardigan by Margaret Hubert

The Devon Cardigan is a crochet cardigan pattern found in our free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook. Made in a soft cotton, this is a season-spanning sweater. This crochet colorwork cardigan is a perfect first-time sweater project. Working in single crochet allows you to concentrate on learning the shaping and color changes. Work it up in these cappuccino-flavored colors or select whatever colors make you happy. This classic color blocked sweater is the perfect pattern for playing with yarn color combinations.

Listening to Color Mitts by Kim Werker

The Listening to Color Mitts is a crochet mittens pattern in our free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook. These simple colorwork mitts provide a wonderful opportunity to practice crochet, changing colors, and using stitches of differing heights to create the flared shaping. You will also find information on efficiently changing colors or starting a new yarn at the beginning of a row or in the middle of a round. This technique will give you smooth color changes in your crochet colorwork projects. And when you have finished your project, check out our tips and illustrations on the best methods of weaving in loose ends for a smooth finished fabric.

Eliot Vest by Natasha Robarge

The Eliot Vest is a crochet vest pattern found in our free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook. Explore Tunisian crochet colorwork with this two-colored crochet vest. This classic hip-length vest features an intarsia crochet border, bust darts, and a flattering deep V-neck. Learn how to create two different Tunisian colorwork designs with this one beautiful pattern.

In this free 5 Free Crochet Colorwork Patterns eBook, we have gathered crochet patterns that use a variety of colorwork techniques to create fun and colorful designs. With these five free crochet colorwork patterns, you can try out a variety of color techniques from tapestry crochet to Tunisian crochet. So pull out your yarn stash and start playing with color crochet. Download your copy of 5 Free Crochet Colorwork Patterns: Scarf, Purse, Cardigan, Mitts and Vest to Crochet!


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