Everyday Crochet: Charity Goals

Sabrina Benton learned how to crochet from her mother when she was eight years old. A market research analyst based in Arizona, Sabrina loves to craft for others. She also uses her lifelong love of crochet to give back to others by raising money for charity through sales of her crochet projects.

It began as it often does: On a long road trip, Sabrina’s mother was seeking a way to entertain Sabrina and perhaps keep her out of trouble. She found the answer in crochet.  Sabrina still has the baby bunting she crocheted for her Baby Alive doll during that time and has been enchanted by crochet ever since.

Sabrina loves to crochet afghans to give to others. However, like many of us, she also enjoys instant-gratification crochet projects. On any given day you can find her crocheting water-bottle cozies, bags, and toys.

Sabrina doesn’t particularly enjoy making wearable garments. And, although she does do commissioned work from time to time, she does not ordinarily find pleasure in crocheting upon request. She finds that those requests limit her creative process and ability to craft organically.

As for other crafts, Sabrina knows how to knit, but she doesn’t enjoy it as much as crochet. “Crochet is something that seems to just click for me,” she says. “I can easily rip back and fix mistakes when necessary. And I have learned to create just about anything I want [by] crocheting.” She finds crochet relaxing, and delights in the reward of reaching a tangible goal.

Sabrina does not rely solely on known small projects. She enjoys pushing herself to learn new things in crochet. Even when the techniques are challenging, she says, you can always make something if you persevere. “It is much more satisfying when you’re challenged,” she says. In the past year, she has learned thread work, broomstick lace, Tunisian crochet, and tapestry crochet. She is very active in online crochet-alongs, which has really challenged her to learn new techniques.

Charity Grows

In 2012, Sabrina decided to use her crochet skills to help raise money for Relay for Life of Sun City, an event that benefits the American Cancer Society. Geared toward seniors in the community, the event features a walk on an indoor track. Sabrina and her parents have been involved with the American Cancer Society for many years, in part because they have lost several friends and family members to cancer and know many others who are survivors, including Sabrina’s father and uncle. One thing Sabrina likes about the American Cancer Society is that ninety percent of the funds raised go to research and patient care.

Initially, Sabrina made cotton water-bottle holders, which are very handy in the desert where she lives. She sold them for $10 each or two for $15, and with the help of others, quickly sold more than five dozen of the crochet cozies, exceeding her goal of $300. In February 2013, inspired by a teammate selling survival bracelets, Sabrina added cotton-thread bracelets to her inventory.

Then things really took off. Sabrina got a request from the Red Hat Society for custom crochet red bracelets, earning another $150 for her charity. She raised another $50 donation with a custom afghan for a friend’s pet. Sabrina says she enjoys the work and feels that is great not only to raise money for the American Cancer Society but also to create items that are useful to people. She intends to donate to the cause again in the future.

Sabrina is a single crocheter working together with others in a great example of everyday crochet.

Do you crochet for charity? Tell us about your projects in the comments!

Kathryn Vercillo is the author of Crochet Saved My Life (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012). She blogs at www.crochetconcupiscence.com.
Featured Image by Sabrina Benton.

(Featured image photo credit: asiseeit | Getty Images)

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