Enjoy the Interweave Crochet Spring Preview!

Spring is here!

Out in the yard, I see daffodils, as well as purple and white crocuses. Leaves are budding on the tips of branches. Cardinals are chasing each other from tree to tree.

But the surest sign of spring is the new issue of Interweave Crochet, blooming with bright designs.

Winkle Vest
by Tracy St. John
Chloe and Clarity Cardigans
by Doris Chan
Wisteria Shawl
by Kristin Omdahl

Shells patterns are the highlight of this issue.

Here's what we love about shells: They are a pure celebration of crochet, an alchemy of crochet chains and solid stitches that creates a fabric made of fiber and air. Shells are the basis of granny squares, the square root of all crochetness. Shells are also the basis of cutting-edge crochet, creating garments with incredible laciness and drape. Shells can be as simple as two stitches joined by a chain or as complex as an exuberant alternating-fan pattern.

The true marvel of shell patterns is that they are as individual as the designer. By adding a stitch or a row, a designer can create a wholly new stitch pattern that translates the beauty of the image in her head to a crocheted design.

Lucine Tunic by Robyn Chachula

In this Spring issue, we have seven designs that celebrate shell patterns — from lacy cardigans (Clarity and Chloe Cardigans by Doris Chan) to a simply elegant tunic (Lucine Tunic by Robyn Chachula, at left) and a vest that's as easy to make as it is to wear (Winkle Vest by Tracy St. John, below).

Doris Chan explains the structure of shells and explores their shaping possibilities in Beyond the Basics, with plenty of swatches to demonstrate differences in design.

By adjusting the scale and size of the shells, the designers in this Spring issue have created garments that hug the figure without clinging, with the built-in ease that only shells create. Shells love every shape, and we think you'll find a shell pattern to love in this issue.

And there's more to love in this issue: You'll  find a profile of Kristin Omdahl, who dishes on her crochet inspiration (Hint: it involves subtropical plants, the Pythagoreum theorum and running shoes). Kristin also gives a tour of crochet-friendly yarn shops in South Florida. 

We also have four mod designs for the home (including Kaleidoscope Eyes Curtains by Rhonda Davis featuring totally retro little mirrors crocheted into the motifs), two dresses for girls and three lovely shawls – including a Tunisian wrap by Vashti Braha that you can make in a weekend, even if you've never done Tunisian before.

To make learning Tunisian even easier, we've created a series of videos on Tunisian techniques at CrochetMe.com. Go to Videos and slide down to Crochet Techniques.

While you're at CrochetMe, you can find even more details about a project we introduce in the Spring issue: The Chain Reaction Afghan Project. In this yearlong project, we'll bring together squares designed by your favorite crochet designers and squares designed by you, our CrochetMe readers, in a single afghan that will be auctioned for charity. We hope to inspire you to make this afghan and consider sending it to your chosen charity. In the Craftivism column, Betsy Greer offers several ideas for charities that could benefit from your crochet work. And we get you started with designs for two crocheted squares.

To see the full preview, visit our magazine gallery. It's an abundance, my friends. Get in there and start picking your favorite blooms.



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