Make Each Project a Joy with Quirky Crochet Hooks

They’re quirky, they’re practical, and every crocheter needs a set! These beautiful birch crochet hooks feature six imprinted sayings that capture the special moments of a crocheters life.

·       Here Comes Treble—The largest hook in the set, J/10 celebrates the tallest stitch in the crocheters bag of tricks.

·       Granny Life—The I/9 hook pays tribute to crochet’s most-loved motif, the granny square. We can’t imagine life without little crocheted squares.

·       Live Love Crochet – Sum up the meaning of life in three simple words on the H/8 hook.

·       Stashblaster–This size 7 hook can blast through that stash of yarn.

·       Hot Off the Hook–Proclaim a job well done on your the G/6 hook.

·       Too Legit to Knit–We love our sister crafters, but we’re too busy crocheting with the E/4 to spend time knitting!

Why They’re Quirky

This set is called quirky for a reason. Did you notice that it has a size 7 (4.5 mm) hook? The 7 is one of those odd sizes that crocheters only reach for every now and then, which means that lots of us don’t even have one…until now!

Several gorgeous Interweave patterns use this unique hook size, including the Beach Rose Tote , Winter Rose Tote, and Nightshade Skirt. They are so adorable, they have me reaching for my size 7 hook.
crochet hooks

Why They’re Practical

The whimsical sayings alone make these hooks a must-have, but check out the other reasons every crocheter needs their own cute and Quirky Crochet Hook set:

1) The hooks are made of birch wood, making them warm to the touch and gentle on the hand.

2) They’re in-line hooks (the head of the hook is the same height as the barrel), so there’s less snagging of yarn as you crochet.

3) They’re lightweight and strong, with a polished surface that allows yarn to glide effortlessly across the hook.

4) Really, do I have to say it again? Each hook has a cute saying imprinted on it.

Why They’re the Perfect Gift

Crocheters have a great sense of humor, so they’ll love these fun sayings. They are also very generous. Crocheters deserve a nice thank-you gift for all the time and money they generously donate via handmade gifts for friends, family, and charity. Get a quirky crochet hook set for every one you know. They deserve a smile today.

Enjoy your quirky crochet hooks!


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