Enhance Your Summer Crochet with Jewelry

Winters can be cold here in the Wyoming and Colorado area. Sweaters buttoned to my neck, warm scarves, and wool hats are the staples of my wardrobe. But in a matter of days we seem to have moved from snowdrifts and woolen sweaters to lawn mowers and cotton tops. And with the warmer weather, I am drawn once again to the gorgeous jewelry from Stringing magazine-they are the perfect addition to my crochet tops.

Copper Coreopsis by Anne Perry

The necklace, bracelet, and earring projects in Stringing are perfect for a beginner like me. There are no complicated beading patterns or intricate metalwork techniques. You will find articles on fun techniques such as riveting or using resin to create your own pendants, but many of the stunning pieces can be created with items available at a bead or craft store or online.

  Moth wings Shrug by Mimi Alelis

I think my favorite piece is the Copper Coreopsis by Anne Perry. The striking flower pendent, with its solid and negative petal space, reminds me of the motifs used to design the Moth Wings Shrug by Mimi Alelis. And the mesh rope and metal chain mimics the chain spaces so common in crochet. Here is Stringing's editor, Danielle Fox, to tell us more about the Spring issue of Stringing.

Simply Strung

For the second year in a row, the Summer edition of Jewelry Stringing has been designated as our special mixed-media issue. That's because we know today's jewelry designer doesn't limit herself to basic stringing and wireworking techniques anymore-she's expanding her jewelry-making repertoire to include other techniques, such as riveting, using resin, and colorizing metal. It's these three techniques that we explore in Customize Your Jewelry, an extended feature that offers how-to information, plus 13 inspiring projects to make.

You'll also find loads of inspiration in this issue's project collections. Saddle up to our Modern Cowgirl collection and get ideas for incorporating leather and other natural materials into fun, casual jewelry you'll be able to wear every day this summer. Turn to our Flower Market collection and see how our featured designers used floral motifs and pastel colors to create pretty necklaces that aren't over-the-top flowery. Finally, flip to our Summer in the City collection, where you'll find statement-making jewelry done in look-at-me colors (like neon) and bold, contemporary styles.

Cowboy Necklace by Tiffany Alana Dodgen

I also encourage you to visit our bracelet and earring galleries. In summer, sleeves come off and hair goes up, giving the bracelets and earrings you wear uninterrupted exposure. And speaking of exposure, get positive attention for your jewelry-making business by carefully choosing your packaging- designer and Jewelry Stringing contributor Kristina Hahn Eleniak explains in Sell & Tell.

~ Danielle Fox

This summer, learn to create gorgeous jewelry that enhances your crochet wardrobe. Subscribe to Stringing today and begin making your own necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

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P.S. Do you create your own jewelry? What is your favorite technique?

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