Embellishing with Bead Crochet

Regardless of where we live or what year we were born in, most women seem to have an innate need to add a little lace and a touch of sparkle to our wardrobe. Customarily, the women of Turkey would cover their heads with a traditional headscarf. But their headscarves were far from plain. They were trimmed with yards of decorative edging known as "oya."

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I may not wear a traditional headscarf, but I love the bead embellished lace oya trims. In her new book, The Beaded Edge 2, Midori Nishida continues here exploration of oya and shares twenty-six incredible patterns. She also suggests modern possibilities for beaded crochet edgings, from embellishing a pair of shoes to stand alone necklaces.

Once you have chosen which oya to crochet, and this is not an easy task, and worked the desired length of edging, it is time sew it onto your chosen project. I love the way beaded edgings add sophistication to even a simple t-shirt.

My first instinct is to sew the edging down by inserting the sewing needle through the crochet stitches, but when beads are worked in the base row or you want to ensure they do not shift, it is important to attach the beads as well.

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To sew a bead solidly to a project, the best stitch is the half-reverse stitch. To work this stitch, bring the needle up through the fabric on the far side of the bead, insert the needle through the bead, then bring the needle down through the fabric on near side of the bead before moving to the next stitch.

Here are a couple more tips from Midori on sewing on edgings:

    • Put the beaded edging on the edge of the neckline or the sleeve and fix it with straight pins. Adjust the shape so that the motifs look even.
    • Align the beaded edging with the hem of the neckline and join it using dress pins on the hem in the order of 1) first shoulder, 2) second shoulder, 3) center of neckline. Join more parts on the hem using dress pins, adjusting the shape of the edging.

Find the perfect crochet beaded edgings for your wardrobe by ordering The Beaded Edge 2 today.

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