Email: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

If you're subscribed to the Crochet me Email Newsletter (and really, why wouldn't you be?), you've heard about the issues we've had in recent months. First our (old) program stopped working, then we switched to a new service that seems to get caught occasionally in spam filters. We've asked you to add us to your address book and/or whitelist so our emails will get through to you.

Well, now I've just read an article that really burns, man (link via [oops! — Jenna]). Looks like AOL and Yahoo might start using a service that will charge for corporate emails to be guaranteed to be delivered (meaning, they won't ever get caught in the spam filters of those email providers). Kinda takes away from that whole free email internet thing, no?

At the end of the article is this quote: "And Mr. Graham of AOL added that the portion of the postage it will receive is justifiable compensation for the costs it has incurred in developing systems to combat spam." Umm. I think the compensation AOL gets for developing systems to combat spam is that customers stay with them. No spam filters = new email provider. Simple.

So. I urge you not to use email providers that might charge me to send you email. Email that you want to receive. Crochet me can't afford it. And anyway, the principle of it is wickedly important, no? As responsible consumers we choose to use and endorse products and services from companies whose policies we think are right. Right with a capital R.

I have about 100 Gmail invites, and I'll be happy to send 'em around if you want to switch. Gmail is fantastic. (No, I can't guarantee that Google won't jump on this ridiculous bandwagon, but considering they're vocal about not being evil, I have hope.)

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