Easy Puffy Colorful Purse


I crocheted a new crochet purse with a little different to others my previous purse designs and want to your life is full of colors. I used different colors to match and made an easy puffy purse/bag. all These different colors yarn i am not buying new for this purse, but I have an extra in my yarn basket, I always think about where and how I should use my extra some yarn so, I think in my mind that this idea is perfect to make a crochet small size pure for my own uses .I want to share you this idea how and where use the extra yarn for your regular using in home

Materials List
Different colors: Medium Weight worsted yarn 4ply
Main color: peach color Medium Weight worsted yarn 4ply
Crochet Hook 3 mm size
Crochet needle
Lining Fabric

Finished Size

Gauge: Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)
Width=10 inches x length= 8inches
Handle length= 20 inches

Pattern Instructions
the pure I making in around, before starting make a foundation chain. And then work in it around both of the side in the foundation chain; mean working also into the opposite side. The pattern calls for the double crochet stitch. (3 double crochet) means, crochet 3 double crochet into same stitch. Skip or miss some stitches into the middle of the 3 double crochet groups.


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