Easy Cup Cozy (StashBuster)


This one is an easy stashbusting project which was originally intended to be a Crocheted Belt. However, since I can only work on my knitting during weekends I had not been able to complete it before I signed up for a Sit ‘n Knit Meetup. On the night before the meetup I saw a mail from our group administrator Anne-Marie that there was a cup cozy contest and those of us who get a cup cozy would be given an extra raffle ticket for the yarn draw. Both were good enough insentives for me… 🙂 so in a matter of about 15mins I converted my 3 crocheted squares into a cup cozy.

Materials List

Worsted Weight Yarn from stash in two colors.

Finished Size

The size of this cozy depends entirely on the yarn that is used. Mine was big enough to hold a medium/ large mug.


Depends on yarn used.

The Pattern

Motif Pattern:
Step1: Chain(ch) 4.
Step2: Join with a slip stitch(ss) to the first chain to form a ring.
Step3: ch1, 12 single chains(sc) in the ring. ss with 1st ch.
Step4: ch3 and 1double crochet (dc) in first sc, *1dc in the next 2 stitches(2), 2dc in the next sc, repeat from * to the end. ss in beginning ch3

Step5: ch3 and 1dc in the first dc, *1dc in the next 3 dc, 2dc in the next dc, repeat from * to the end. ss in beginning ch3. Bind off.

For Cup Cozy:
Make 3 squares.
Join the sides of the three squares to form a ring.
SC around the top edge and bottom edge of the ring. (2rows)
Bind Off

Weave in ends.

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