Easy Beaded Scallop Earrings


Cynthia J Luciene


These earrings are super easy.  If you haven’t tried “casting onto” anything with crochet, there’s a link to a tutorial that shows you how to single crochet onto a hoop earring.  These are quick to make and would be a great gift for Mother’s Day – or any day. 

Materials List

You only need a bit of thread size 10 (I used Aunt Lydia’s for the pink ones and a grey one that is twisted with a strand of shiny grey mettalic thread), a few crystals or beads, a size 6 or 7 steel crochet hook and a pair of hoop earrings 1 1/8″ or so in diameter.


Gauge is really not important with this project.


String the beads first, before sc onto hoops in order on pattern instructions. 

The Pattern

Go to Beaded Scallop Earrings for pattern.  A PDF file download will be posted soon, after I get my new computer.  (I’m borrowing a friend’s right now and they don’t have the program I need to make a PDF file.  Sorry. 

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